Pastor Maldonado, Williams FW33 livery launch

Williams FW33 livery revealed

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Williams have revealed the definitive livery of their 2011 F1 car.

Their car will retain the blue-and-white of last year with stripes that hark back to their 1990s Rothmans livery.

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Images ?? Williams/LAT

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  1. Ok, I admit it. I liked the interim livery better. It made the front end of the car look mean, like a shark. This livery has a more “corporate” flavour.

  2. I like it, better than before.

    Could of done with a small splash of yellow or red

  3. the Ferrari barcode is gone, but here we have a Rothmans-esque Williams and a Renault in JPS livery. why is no-one moaning about alleged subliminal messages?

    1. Because Williams is not sponsored by Rothmans, Lotus Renault is not sponsored by JPS.

      Ferrari are however still sponsored by Marlboro.

      1. I would not be too sure about the claims made in that first sentance. Would not be the first time Tobacco found secret ways to get the money where it wants.

    2. I wouldn’t say the barcode has gone, it’s just now transformed into a Marlboro logo…. I mean Ferrari logo…

  4. Excellent photos… is hard to see the innovations on the car, is there any?
    Front exhausts? pull-rod? SIDEPODS?

    They are worth for very little!

    1. How about pull rod rear suspension, the smallest gearbox on the grid and a non-existent back end? The back of the car looks pretty innovative to me.

      1. Yes! but, can you tell it from the Photos?

        I don’t dislike the car, I dislike the photos. There is no detail, even something as explicit as the sidepods cannot be seen.

        They are flashy, they are cool, but they are useless as a source of information.

        1. You do realise its a livery launch right? We’ve already seen the actual car…

  5. I was really looking forward to this and I have to say dissapointment all round. Mainly because I cant even see the car, why are all the photos so dark!!!!!! or is it just me, i dont know? I just hope all the best for williams this year, is to much to say i hope they are in front of ferrari?

  6. Matthew McMahon
    24th February 2011, 13:40

    Looks well with the Pirelli tyres! I think it looks good

  7. Well, it’s Williams: Decent and functional.
    The livery perfectly matches that phylosophy and that is why I really like it. If only they could step up and race for the odd podium and overall 4th in the constructor’s…

    Anyway, I prefer this kind of livery every day over silver/green, or chrome/pink (sorry, orange), uninspired red/white or – by far the ugliest – a bunch of red cows!

  8. Tom, Dick & Harry
    24th February 2011, 13:54

    Firstly, i quite like it and believe it will be a lot better in natural daylight.

    Secondly, this didn’t scream Rothmans at me! I’m just old enough to remember the Williams-Rothmans glory days and to be honest, if the article hadn’t referenced them, i wouldn’t have thought about it.

    If people (ie governments, anti-smoking campaigners etc) are going to get het up about tobacco sponsorship, how are Ferrari still allowed to have Marlboro in their official team name?

    1. Very good question, that last one. And possibly one of the reasons these “retro” liveries are on the grid now”

  9. Despite being a truely non-incredible scheme, fantastic use of the colours blue and white. I mean what can you do with blue and white?

    Everyone who feels underwhelmed by this would be singing its praises if Willams were erigning champions. Williams have been suffering from a mid-field image, and we just tack that on to our perception of their livery. If they start winning, we associate the scheme differently.

    They definitely missed a trick by not carrying the classic interim numbering through onto the final version though.

  10. I was expecting the usual blue and white, so there is nothing to be dissapointed about to me. However, I love the red and gold stripes, reminds me so much of the classic rothmans livery. That added extra really impresses me about this car. I’m a fan.

  11. blue is too dark. lighter shade of blue would be better

  12. Blimey that very, very similar to the rothmans livery.

    Compare out these two pictures:

    The way the stripes are on the sidepod and just behind the roll hoop are pretty much identical

    1. Look at pictures of the 1997 Williams, it had the colours on the airbox exchanged. Makes it even more identical, including the Randstad replacing the smokes brand.

    1. Or click on the link in the article…

      1. I am on my mobile I can’t see the link :p

  13. Is it possible that tobbaco companies are making behind the curtain sponsorship agreements with the teams? I mean.. 3 of the current teams are using liveries with the intention of resembling tobbaco companies colors…

    1. That’s an interesting point.
      The story about Renault-Lotus possibly having to change their livery for the Canadian GP has gone quiet. Maybe there’s more to come on this front…

      1. What about linking the HRT with the lucky strikes on BAR?

    2. By now I think that is a pretty valid thought. Seems the others have catched up after Ph.Morris did not seem to give up on using the Ferrari connection.

      1. It seems to me that would be a pretty risky strategy for the teams, but a potentially very lucrative one too. With the track record of those tobacco companies I won’t be too quick to dismiss that idea.

  14. I L O V E I T

  15. Like it or not the livery is not the most important part of the car, it does not make it go faster. And for me the performance of the Williams is what I’m interested in. By the way I don’t think it looks that bad at all. Just hope it goes well.

  16. I like it.

    Am I the only person who REALLY wants to see Marlboro/JPS/Camel/Rothmans/etc etc etc plastered all over F1 cars and circuits again? (Not Winfield though….)

  17. We will all think it’s beautiful if it does well. It’s a better livery than Ferrari!

  18. They appear to have left the lights off; can hardly see the bugger :D

  19. It’s a step in the right direction, but somehow they managed to make the old Rothmans getup rather blah. More teams really oughta get more aggressive with their lines. As it stands now the predictable method is to run something along the sides of the nose and continue it along the sidepod before it makes one dip down or up. Hardly inspiring. Do unexpected things with it! Surprise the eye! We already know the shape of the cars, take it along that shape for a moment, then add some energy to the damn thing. This isn’t a wind tunnel illustration, this is the livery.

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