Williams FW33 livery revealed

2011 F1 cars

Williams have revealed the definitive livery of their 2011 F1 car.

Their car will retain the blue-and-white of last year with stripes that hark back to their 1990s Rothmans livery.

2011 F1 cars

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154 comments on Williams FW33 livery revealed

  1. Andy c said on 24th February 2011, 16:55

    I can just imagine the pre event meeting.

    Right chaps, so it’s dark blue and White, so let’s unveil it in a really dark room so you can’t see it properly ;-)

    Unless they forgot to put tokens in the meter.

    I predict they will win a race this year by the way!

  2. George (@george) said on 24th February 2011, 17:43

    I like it, it feels very much like a Williams car

  3. SennaNmbr1 (@) said on 24th February 2011, 19:39

    Better livery than they’ve had for years.

    I think the only other I’ve liked since the BMW split was the 2007 colours with the white nose.

  4. It looks nice, from what little I can see. But what’s with the mood lighting? I want to look at it, not make love to it…

  5. marc connell said on 24th February 2011, 19:52

    honestly i like it….

  6. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 24th February 2011, 20:57

    Now that I’ve seen it on a proper computer and not from my phone, I really like it. Okay, it could be better, but in general they’ve improved on last year’s. And anyway, what with the whole Lotus/Not Lotus/The team Formerly Known As Not Lotus debacle, true retro liveries have been spoiled a bit this year.

  7. ForzaLaScuderia (@) said on 24th February 2011, 20:59

    I think its fantastic. The Rothmans livery was always one of my favorites.

  8. YeaMon said on 24th February 2011, 21:19

    Some people can’t be pleased.

  9. gilvan said on 24th February 2011, 22:02

    I really like it. Don’t know whether its the lighting, but for me it looks just fantastic, possibly my favorite livery this year. Love the stripes, in my view stripes should be compulsory on all racing cars :)
    Also can’t help but admire how dramatic that back end looks, there is nothing there. Amazing where they put the suspension mountings. And the drive shaft at such a steep angle, I have never seen anything like that in a racing car before. Really nice, lets hope the car is competitive.

  10. SennaNmbr1 (@) said on 24th February 2011, 22:50

    The only thing that concerns me is the drivers’ helmets not complementing the livery. Might sound odd but that really matters to me in the overall look of an F1 car.

    For example, in 1994, Senna and Hill’s helmets really went well with the livery. Same for Frentzen and Villenueve. Rubens’ design has never really worked with Williams colours for me.

    And I’m also not keen on drivers changing their colours to match the car, like Kovy and Kimi at McLaren. Thank God for Lewis’s yellow lid there. Really pops out from the silver paint.

    Kovy is also doing the right thing with the bright green at Lotus.

    Sorry for that bit of helmet-design OCD! XD

  11. danielbts said on 25th February 2011, 1:56

    Why was Rubens not at the launch?

  12. Worst launch photos I’ve ever seen. Or more accurately unable to see due to the dim lighting. Why waste everyone’s time for this???

  13. Adam Tate said on 25th February 2011, 4:04

    Come one everyone, none of us expected a revelation of artistic brilliance here, it’s Williams after all. That said it is easily their best livery since their days with BMW power, and now as they are poised to be their most competitive since those days, I find the new and rather retro looking livery to be a plus, it is far better than the anonymity of the past several seasons. The elements just may be coming together for a Williams renaissance, just think if they still had Rosberg, he and Rubens in that car would make a mighty formidable midfield team!!

  14. Hare (@hare) said on 25th February 2011, 5:37

    I like it!!! Wanna see it in sunlight though :)

  15. Ice Blue said on 25th February 2011, 21:54

    What absolute rubbish photos.
    Note to photographer: Look up “fill lighting” in your photographic manual. You do have a flash with a remote cord, don’t you?

  16. Man.. that look sick! gotta love it :)

  17. grew said on 13th March 2011, 11:18

    and sexy ♥♥♥

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