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Malaysian race organisers concerned over Singapore

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In today’s round-up: competition from Singapore is a concern for the Malaysian GP organisers.


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Malaysia’s Formula One circuit loses lustre (Yahoo!)

“Having Singapore next to us for F1 does not help and our biggest competitor is the television as many people prefer to watch the race from the comfort of their homes.”

The wings of change (Renault)

??The moveable front flap was brought in to try and assist with overtaking, but in practice it didn?t really make a difference. Instead it was used as a device to optimise car balance as the tyres degraded and the fuel load reduced. That?s why the teams voted to remove adjustable front wings and try a new initiative with the rear wings with the intention of generating better overtaking opportunities.??

Will Frankfurt’s glitzy F1 IPO stall? (Reuters)

“‘The IPO is very interesting, and I am sure that it will be watched closely by Formula One fans, but also by investors and other teams, like Fiat’s Ferrari, which is allegedly also considering an IPO of its team,’ Markus Huber, a Frankfurt-based trader at the ETX Capital brokerage told Reuters.”

Win a day in the life of a McLaren engineer (The Big Bang)

“McLaren Automotive and Big Bang are offering one lucky reader and their family the chance to take part in a guided tour of the home of McLaren.”

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Comment of the day

Kevin has an interesting take on the revelations in the new book on Bernie Ecclestone:

I think when you read of all the politics coming out of a book like this, (admittedly very entertaining reading), I have a much greater respect for the drivers. They live and breath in this web of Chinese whispers and backstabbing. It?s a real challenge to push all of this stuff out of your mind on concentrate on, what we all love, racing!

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to ivz and Jake!

On this day in F1

Ten years ago today Michael Schumacher was faced with court proceedings from Bell Helmets who claimed he had used a rival product in violation of their contract.

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