Christian Horner, Red Bull, 2011

Horner names Alonso as biggest rival to Red Bull

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Christian Horner, Red Bull, 2011
Christian Horner, Red Bull, 2011

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner expects Fernando Alonso to continue where he left off in 2010 as the main rival to his team.

Speaking to the BBC he said: “I think Alonso, at the moment, he looks pretty fired up, his testing has looked impressive so far. So I think he’s going to pose a threat.

“But the British guys I’m sure are going to be right up there as well.”

Horner said the team have “a lot to live up to” after winning both titles last year.

He said: “It’s going to be a fascinating season, you’ll have all the usual protagonists – Jenson and Lewis, Fernando Alonso’s looked very strong in pre-season testing.

“And obviously our drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have both been looking pretty respectable as well.”

“So I think Formula 1 is set for another really exciting season.”

He said the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix didn’t present much in the way of an organisational problem: “Ironically, we were ready to go on time this year, which is quite unusual for us!

“But a two-week delay is welcome for some teams. Logistically there’s a slight challenge to it but nothing to tricky.”

He added that Vettel and Webber had both completed extensive fitness programmes during the winter to prepare for the new season:

“Both our drivers, when they’re not in the car, will be doing approximately four hours per day training. Sebastian was in Finland for the whole of January working on his fitness programme, Mark went off to the Canary Islands and was training quite hard there.

“So they’ve both got programmes, they’re athletes, they’ve got to be in tip-top condition, and now is the time to really work on that condition before heading off for the first Grand Prix.”

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