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Brawn “comfortable with our current position”

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Ross Brawn says he’s “comfortable” with Mercedes’ position despite their apparent lack of pace in testing.


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Ross Brawn Q&A (Mercedes)

“Our intention was always to launch the car in a fairly basic specification to allow more time to focus on the upgrade package. This inevitably means that we look further off the pace than people might expect. Knowing all of the facts, I am comfortable with our current position and the developments that we have to come.”

Sir Jackie Stewart: want more overtaking in F1? Make circuits punish drivers for their mistakes (The Daily Telegraph)

[Fernando] Alonso ran wide at the Yas Marina track on four separate occasions as he tried to best the Renault. And yet incredibly the car behind him, driven by Mark Webber, was still not able to pass. The run-off area was so well manicured and without obstacles that Alonso was effectively able to make fairly big mistakes and still maintain his position. That is plainly wrong.”

Williams stays in the driving seat despite shares sell-off (The Daily Mail)

“Adam Parr, who became chairman of Williams last year, said: ‘There’s no chance of Frank slowing down. His name’s above the door, he’s the team principal, the team’s inspiration.'”

Q & A: Key on Sauber’s progress (Autosport)

“In Barcelona, we found that sectors one and two were reasonable and sector three was a weak point. We haven’t 100 per cent nailed the slow stuff yet, but some of that we think is balance and also because the high-speed sections are reasonable we were eating the tyres fairly quickly if we nailed it on the first lap. From what we can see, we need to work on the low-speed. We’re not too bad, but not 100 per cent.”

Headhunters? hunt for heads is on (FT)

“Mr Ecclestone and the top F1 team bosses and drivers, who had initially accepted their invites, ended up as no-shows as the F1 boss claimed Mr Bower had broken a condition of not writing about his family. However, Mr Ecclestone could not stop Max Mosley, now retired from the sport, from turning up.”

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Now that the Bahrain Grand Prix has been cancelled some of the teams feel sufficiently emboldened to say what they should have said to begin with. I’m with PeriSoft on this one:

Of course, it?s easy to say now.

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