Mark Webber, Red Bull, Barcelona, 2011

Red Bull set for Infiniti deal

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Red Bull are set to announce a branding deal with Infiniti*.


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Red Bull ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ to Infiniti?σΤιΌ?ͺ and beyond (Joe Saward)

“It looks like Red Bull Racing is not going to be running Renault engines in 2011 ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ but will switch to Infiniti instead. It amounts to the same thing, of course, as Infiniti is a Nissan brand and Nissan and Renault are partners.”

Red Bull budget boosted as engines renamed Infiniti (BBC)

?σΤιΌ?τRed Bull’s Renault engines will be renamed Infiniti this season in a move that will boost the world champion team’s budget by at least ?ι?ϊ7m.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

Todt Sees Kubica In Hospital (Speed)

?σΤιΌ?τFIA president Jean Todt on Sunday visited Robert Kubica in hospital.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

Renault: Heidfeld already leading team (Autosport)

?σΤιΌ?τRenault team boss Eric Boullier says it was obvious from Nick Heidfeld’s first few laps in the car that he was the man the squad needed to lead its 2011 charge in the absence of the injured Robert Kubica.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

Formula One pays down private equity debt (The Telegraph)

?σΤιΌ?τFormula One has paid down a large tranche of the $2.8bn (?ι?ϊ1.7bn) debt used by private equity firm CVC to buy the motor racing franchise in 2006.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

A1 Grand Prix race firm faces fraud inquiry (The Telegraph)

?σΤιΌ?τThe Serious Fraud Office has started looking into companies behind the A1 Grand Prix Series ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ the collapsed rival to Formula One ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ whose creditors still claim to be owed more than ?ι?ϊ400m.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

Video exclusive: Mark Webber on the new Red Bull F1 car and how he can beat Sebastian Vettel (James Allen on F1)

?σΤιΌ?τThis week, I had the chance after the last test in Barcelona to interview Mark Webber about testing so far and his thoughts on the season ahead, particularly his ongoing battle with Sebastian Vettel.?σΤιΌ?Ψ

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Comment of the day

Daniel Lavender is going to the British Grand Prix and has a few questions ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ can anyone help?

Hi all, have just purchased general admission tickets for me and my brother. It?σΤιΌΤδσs our 1st trip to a grand prix, and was wondering where was the best place to watch all the action with our limited general admission tickets? We have tickets for qualifying and race day, any help would be appreciated.
Daniel Lavender

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From the forum

The Official Junior F1 Fanatic PS3 World Championship results are in. After a fraught round 8 in Europe, Asanator crossed the line first, followed by ed24f1 and jamiet19.

Happy birthday!

Three birthdays again today – all the best to Bastardo, Lame2741 and Kevin!

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Happy 71st birthday to 1978 world champion Mario Andretti!

*Update: The headline originally stated the deal would include the re-branding of the engines, which later turned out not to be the case.