Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, 2011

Alonso says extra pit stops “does not favour” Ferrari

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, 2011
Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, 2011

Fernando Alonso says he is “not keen” on having more pit stops during races in 2011.

Speaking to media in Madrid he said: ??From what we have seen so far, degradation is very significant, which means we will have races with lots of pit stops.

“I?m not keen on that because I think this increased uncertainty does not favour the strongest teams: it?s as if in football, it was decided to have a penalty per team each half hour in which case Barcelona and Real Madrid would not be jumping for joy.

“However, the situation is the same for everyone: it will be important to be fastest because I don?t think we can make one stop less than our main rivals.??

He added it was too soon to make predictions about Ferrari’s performance:

“We will only really know where we stand compared to the others when we are in Melbourne.

“At the moment, I am happy because we proved to have a reliable car.

“If all goes to plan, we will be in the group of teams capable of fighting for the title, along with Red Bull the reigning champions, McLaren, Mercedes and also Renault, who had already made a step forward towards the end of last season. Even Toro Rosso has made significant progress.??

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