Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Barcelona, 2011

Vettel expects three- or four-stop races in 2011

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Barcelona, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Barcelona, 2011

Sebastian Vettel expects drivers will have to make at least three stops for tyres in 2011 – and possible as many as four.

Vettel said: “The tyres are very different to last year. But, then again, it’s the same for everybody.

“I think we will see that racing will change, one stop is impossible, also two stops so it will be at least three or four stop races.

“I think it will make it very interesting, the question is if it is a good thing for us or a bad thing. I think it’s hard to say now because obviously we need to get going first and see how the races unfold.”

Last month Pirelli motorsport directory Paul Hembery said he doubted teams would need to make as many as four pit stops in a typical race: ??Not from the data we?ve seen, no. I?d question why they would be doing four.”

Vettel also admitted he is concerned the Drag Reduction System might make racing “artificial”:

“The rear wing is a bit of a different story because you can use it in the race only for attacking, not for defending, I just hope it doesn’t make overtaking too easy, because then it would make the racing artificial.”

He added: “KERS, obviously, is the same for everybody. So you’ve got KERS in your car but obviously the other guy’s got KERS as well so it doesn’t really make a big difference at the end of the day. Obviously you can use it both for attack and defence.”

Despite promising signs from Red Bull in testing Vettel was cautious about his chances of retaining his title in 2011:

“We seem to have a good car but it’s still far too early to tell. We have to wait and see.”

See more of what Vettel had to say in this video:

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