‘Exploded F1 car’ model at Mercedes-Benz World

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Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands

Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands

F1 Fanatic guest writer Kevin Parrott headed to Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands to check out their collection of F1 and other classic cars.

Have a look at his pictures from the museum below including a fascinating, life-size model of an ‘exploded’ Formula 1 car.

??Mercedes World? was built in 2006 inside the ring of the famous Brooklands track, the first purpose-built racing circuit in the world.

It?s a car showroom with the added benefit of having an off-road course, for four-wheel-drive experiences, handling track with and skid pan, on-site hotel, cafe, shop, museum and occasional rock concert venue.

The first thing I notice is an immaculate convertible Mercedes 190 SL from 1955. A close relative of one of my favourite cars of all time – the famous 300 SL – they share many beautiful lines.

Moving on further, the next thing to catch my eye is another familiar sight even closer to my heart. The 2008 to 2009 Formula One safety car. Branded, flashing lights and all.

I start at the top and work my way down. At the top floor I am greeted by a 300SL, one of the most beautiful cars to turn a wheel, which briefly distracts me from my task of finding F1 machinery.

Hakkinen and Hamilton’s cars

Winding down the curved staircase I am so glad to be met by ??an old friend?: the McLaren MP4-14 of Mika Hakkinen.

This 1999 car was from right about when I really started to love Formula One so, an important car for me. It was the car which Hakkinen used to defend his 1998 title against rivals Ferrari.

Suspended above is a 2006-spec F1 engine 2.4L V8. Up close you can really appreciate just how intricate it is!

Near to it is one of the cars that was powered by a Mercedes V8 – Lewis Hamilton‘s 2007 MP4-22.

This car was fielded by McLaren on the tenth anniversary of their partnership with Mercedes and took Hamilton to within a single point of winning the title at his first attempt.

Amusingly, the official FIA barcode sticker on the tyre of Hamilton?s car reads: ??Not for highway use? (see picture below). Some things are so obvious they just shouldn’t need stating!

Other F1 cars sit alongside the McLarens. A 2009-spec Force India VJM02 – the first of their cars to use Mercedes power.

There’s another car painted in the 2010 Petronas Mercedes F1 team livery but it’s made up of bodywork I do not recognise.

‘Exploded F1 car’

But the most impressive sight is still to come – a Formula 1 car caught in what seems to be mid-explosion! Thousands upon thousands of individual F1 components are suspended from the ceiling on wires. The components form the shape of a life-size exploded diagram like something out of a Haynes manual.

The piece is actually an art installation by Dutch artist Paul Veroude called ??View Suspended II?. It consists of over 3,200 real individual F1 components.

To see with your own eyes is certainly impressive – not just to understand how all of this intricate detail fits together to form a Formula One car but the sheer logistics of making and assembling the artwork you are looking at boggles the mind.

From tiny screws, gear ratios, clutch plates, and exhaust manifolds, right up to large bodywork pieces, it?s all there in glorious 3D.

Aside from the F1 cars, there are some beautiful examples of old Mercedes there, including a replica of ??the worlds first automobile? from 1886 contrasted against the very latest in luxury super cars.

As I head out I could hear the deep roar of a powerful engine splitting the air.

A fresh batch of lucky power sliders were on the skid pan. Fighting with the wheel of an SLS looks like a lot of fun. I must go back soon and try it out!

Kevin’s pictures from Mercedes World

This is a guest article by Kevin Parrott. If you want to write a guest article for F1 Fanatic you can find all the information you need here.

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Image ?? Kevin Parrott

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36 comments on ‘Exploded F1 car’ model at Mercedes-Benz World

  1. Rob G (@rob-g) said on 3rd March 2011, 17:15

    Really good article, does anyone recognise what car that Mercedes is? (the one with the livery) Obviously it’s been mixed and matched but I don’t recognise any of the pieces hardly.

  2. Ive never seen those merc liveried cars before. The only team I could place it with is BAR/Honda, afterall, Mercedes does have its roots with those teams.

  3. Feynman said on 3rd March 2011, 17:38

    The exploded car is a Honda, painted silver.

    The display car is BAR-003, painted silver.

    What kind of museum resprays history and tries to trick its vistors?

  4. Dipak T said on 3rd March 2011, 17:40

    Is that a permanent exhibit. I must go see this!

  5. BasCB (@bascb) said on 3rd March 2011, 18:52

    Great article, sounds like Mercedes built a really nice facility there!

  6. Andy C said on 3rd March 2011, 19:59

    They might want to do that to the 2011 car, and bring the old Brawn out of retirement, get rid of the double diffuser and use that.

    On current form, I doubt that would be any worse than the current one.

    I’d really like for Merc to get the car right, as I think it would be interesting for F1 to have rosberg and Schumacher fighting in the podiums too.

  7. Paulio said on 3rd March 2011, 20:04

    The best article I’ve read in a while! More from this writer please!

  8. Butler258 said on 3rd March 2011, 20:57

    If anyone ever has the chance i would highly recommend going to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, its amazing. It sounds similar to that one in Brooklands but its much bigger.

    They have an exploded F1 car, there, but its no where near as impressive as the one in the post if im honest.

  9. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 3rd March 2011, 20:59

    That looks like a fantastic trip out. I must go some time and some time soon! My kind of museum :D

    Fantastic images.

  10. Bionicman said on 3rd March 2011, 21:11

    Even the McLaren is a trick; look inside the cockpit and you’ll see a sticker saying it’s an MP4-20 from the 2005 season – ex-Raikkonen/Montoya car. Aerodynamics match the chassis and it is only painted to look like Hamilton’s 2007 car.

    Otherwise a fantastic day out, combine it with a trip to Brooklands Museum.

    • Feynman said on 3rd March 2011, 21:52

      Here’s how an MP4-20 is actually supposed to look.


      Is any car safe from these Mercedes airbrush vandals, is there nothing they won’t respray and try to fob-off on an unsuspecting public?

      Pretty tawdry behaviour, dressing them up in other car’s clothes, snapping bits off, gluing bits on … how about a bit of respect for these cars and their own individual respective historical legacies?

      • f1yankee said on 3rd March 2011, 22:31

        not when there’s money to be made. this is phase 2 of the cars’ careers.

      • Calum said on 4th March 2011, 16:31

        Oh no! I was driving home in my S Class, and a gust of wind ripped the top coat of paint off – and revealed that my Mercedes is actually a 4 year old Honda Prius – slow and unreliable in the same vein those Honda F1 cars were…

    • Swampie said on 23rd March 2011, 11:40

      Hey, glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that. Went there this weekend, saw the MP4-20 chassis sticker inside the cockpit and wondered how they could paint it with Hamilton’s name and say it’s the MP4-22.

      I also noticed there that the exploded F1 car has V10 exhausts and a V8 engine… admittedly, the description next to it says that it’s made up from various parts, and isn’t a single car.

  11. f1yankee said on 3rd March 2011, 22:33

    thanks, kevin. are there any more pics of the safety car? it’s my favorite :D

  12. RadioMan said on 4th March 2011, 1:52

    Exploded car = BAR005 ran in 2003
    Parked car(wt Macca Livery) = BAR004 from 2002 + New front wing & etc.

  13. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 4th March 2011, 1:58

    I get jealous when I see some people writing ‘guest article’ about something related to F1 as they visit somewhere which I couldn’t.That exploded’ Formula 1 car is great,good work by Paul Veroude.

  14. matt90 (@matt90) said on 4th March 2011, 9:00

    Best car there has to be the W196 streamliner at the end. The most beautiful F1 car ever.

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