Start, Suzuka, 2010

Japanese Grand Prix to stay at Suzuka in 2012

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Start, Suzuka, 2010
Start, Suzuka, 2010

The Japanese Grand Prix will remain on the calendar next year.

The Japan Times reports the Suzuka circuit has signed a deal for a race in 2012.

This year’s race is the third of a three-year deal signed after the Fuji pulled out of hosting the race after its 2008 event.

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29 comments on “Japanese Grand Prix to stay at Suzuka in 2012”

  1. Good, it is one of my favourite tracks (with Spa, Monza, Montreal and Silverstone) and has given us some great moments over the years. I hope they can sort out a long term deal for the track again, as whilst there is a race in Japan, the interest will be higher and the chances of a japanese engine manufacturer returning are slightly higher :)

  2. Eh, this isn’t really that dramatic. It was important when Suzuka reclaimed the race from Fuji, but this is just a contract renewal. Nothing to really get excited over.

    1. Always full of positives eh…

      1. To be fair to PM I didn’t know it was under such a short-term contract, nevertheless it’s good news!

        Brilliant circuit. 130R is superb.

    2. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the involvement of all things Japanese has been decreasing over the years and that naturally would make it harder to justify a race in Japan. Compare 2005 to now.

    3. But very important to know, that at least some of the races will stay on without changing every few years.

  3. IS anyone else worried by it being only for one extra year?

    1. Exactly. I have a feeling that next year maybe the last F1 Grand Prix Suzuka will host…

    2. For now, I am just glad it is not them announcing they did not take the option on prolonguing this deal.

    3. Robert McKay
      9th March 2011, 12:31

      Rather gives the impressions they’re reviewing the financing of the race on a year-by-year basis.

  4. Why does it sign one year deals and other more boring tracks sign five year deals?

    1. In case Japan ditch F1 for hover car championships.

  5. That is good news it is a better circuit then Fuji.

  6. Good news, but I don’t think we should rest on our laurels; there is room for improvement for Suzuka. For example, the run down to the first corner is too short for the start, I would like to see it extended into a slower corner, like Fuji’s is. Also tighten up 130R, that way the guys with balls will be able to close in to make a move into the final chicane.

    1. Suzuka is great. The only change needed is more run off.

      1. No, that would reduce the level of challenge.

    2. I dont agree, the First corner is plenty good enough and does offer a great overtaking opportunity as it is, and its a perfect start to a challenging sequence of corners to boot.

      1. Only after Lap 1, unless you make a mega start. We saw in 2009 that even KERS v non-KERS doesn’t always win at Turn 1

  7. A bad decision for F1 in my opinion. Suzuka tends to produce very dull, processional races.

    Would much rather see F1 at Fuji Speedway. The modern track has produced 100% exciting races, whereas the last two years of Suzuka have been very dull indeed.

    1. Well I couldn’t possibly disagree with that statement any more.

      Both the recent races at Fuji were rubbish. Suzuka is a spectacular circuit – a proper F1 circuit. It may not give use Montreal-style races (2005 was exceptional, though) but it is by far a better venue for F1.

      1. I seriously beg to differ. True, 2008 depended on Hamilton losing his mind at Turn 1 and it didn’t get going in 2007 for an age, but it was a good race. Certainly better than any I’ve seen at Suzuka since 2005, which itself was a product of circumstance.

        It’s a far superior track, but I really didn’t mind the rotation policy – apart from that awful squiggle Tilke put in.

        1. Though Fuji was never really tested as a dry, normal race. I doubt in that case it would have been better than Suzuka, so you might as well have the better track. But the races we did have, product of rain and madness as they were, weren’t dull.

      2. Both races at Fuji were dramatic and exciting, even the first 19 laps of Fuji in 2007 had some drama with the Ferraris starting on the wrong tyres. When the race did get going, it was fantastic. 2008 was almost just as good, and that was without the rain.

        Another thing I like about Fuji, is that the scenary around it is stunning, the only problem is that the rain stops you from seeing it.

        What I’d like to see is the Pacific Grand Prix return, and have it hosted at Fuji.

      3. Both the recent races at Fuji were rubbish.

        Are you kidding? The dry 2008 race had action throughout the field, including a great battle for 2nd place towards the end between Raikkonen and Kubica, Massa doing all sorts of stuff, and an unexpected winner in Fernando Alonso. The wet 2007 race was a complete thriller (except for the time under the safety car).

        The 2009 race at Suzuka made me fall asleep.

        1. Agreed. I always thought that Fuji races were far more exciting that Suzuka. The fact that they have the longest straight amongst all the F1 circuits on the calender, makes it much more interesting for the DRW and KERS runners in 2011.

    2. I’m not sure I agree entirely with the statement that i’d rather see the race at Fuji – as suzuka is a far superior track and exciting to watch. However, you are right in that the races have been processional and a largely red bull affair in the last couple of years. I don’t know whether fuji would change that though.

      1. The only thing Fuji have is that huge straight which I think is the longest in any recent F1 circuit, other then that the last sector is rubbish as it is very frustrating for any driver as to driver through there.

  8. Glad to hear, but if we lose Suzuka at some point I’ll be really dissapointed.

    The 130R used to be a tough corner but now most cars take it flat. Bring back lower downforce please. :-)

    One of the great tracks on F1, and one of my favourites on any driving game on the PS3.

    Which of course means bernie will bin it at the first opportunity and sell the race to some Tilke designed track in a good marketing country.

  9. Unfortunately just after the comments above were posted the Tsunami and Quakes hit the country (literally the following morning).

    Hope this doesn’t affect their ability to host the race in October, although it has had a tragic impact on population :( my condolences to the families and friends of the dead.

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