HRT F111, Barcelona, 2011

HRT F111 seen for the first time in Barcelona

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

HRT have shown their finished 2011 F1 car for the first time in Barcelona.

The F111 will be raced by Vitantonio Liuzzi and Narain Karthikeyan this year.

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152 comments on “HRT F111 seen for the first time in Barcelona”

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  1. HRWHO..?

    nice to see they finally got it out :) sooner than they did last year too..?

    1. Depends upon how you view it…

      1. Haha very true!

    2. Well, we had a race this time last year! :)

    1. I think I prefered the old one… atleast then they were a new team with not much time or money…. now they are an old team with even less money and time… but ehy do have a new livery.

      So… Fun guessing game for all the kids out there

      Q) What will have more different parts
      a) 2010 HRT > 2010 HRT
      b) Launch 2011 Ferrari > A fwe tests later still preseason 2011 Ferrari

    2. I think it looks great… let hope it can race too, and not just be Fernando and Felipe fodder. ( Webber prefers eating Lotuses )

    3. Liuzzi is all proud of that missile!

  2. I have to say, even being an HRT sceptic, that the livery does look rather good. Will be interesting to see if they are ahead of Virgin or not. Unfortunately I struggle to get more excited about the performance of this car than that.

      1. it looks more orange than red

        1. UKfanatic (@)
          11th March 2011, 15:15

          its because of the sun

    1. I seriously hope they can be ahead of expectations…

      1. I hope they focus qualifying simulations so they at least post some good times. Although this will give them no race info, HRT need to focus on beating the 107% rule. Some respectable times might even attract some more sponsorship

    2. I don’t like the livery. I preferred their late-2010 one although the gray was too much. At least it had the Spanish flag.

  3. Cheesy… I love it.

    1. im quite pleased that they still have the ‘this could be you’ on the side etc. I wonder if they will race with it?

      1. fullthrottle
        11th March 2011, 15:11

        Hrt has announced an agreement with Panda (antivirus)

        1. probably not a bad move to sponsor HRT. It’s the most innovative and original livery on the grid. Plus it’ll often be at the front of the on track action.. when they’re getting passed. So good exposure if you need to get your name out there.

        2. HRT, and black eyes..? :)

  4. The nose looks a lot wider than it did in the renderings. I gueass that was developed in the last 2 weeks extra time. What about the rear wing, did they bother fitting a DRS on it, or did they figure they won’t be chasing anyone like that anyhow. I dont see any device for it, maybe they operate it like Mercedes GP from the sides.

    1. I’m not 100% certain, but I believe the DRS is mandatory, so they should have one.

      1. It’s not mandatory.

        1. It may not be mandatory – but any idea if they are using DRS Keith? :)

          1. Well, they got the slots in the rear wing, prepared for movement.. So providing they have the hydraulics hooked up, I think we can say affirmative on that issue.


    2. It would surely be crazy not to have one. That would drop you so much time in qualifying that you might as well not bother participating. They may struggle with the 107% rule as it is.

      The rule is still that you have unlimited use of the wing in qualifying isn’t it?

      Are there any more pics of it? I’d like to see the back.

    3. About the nose, it could be the livery, but it looks a bit squared and clumsy somehow. Maybe it is just because it seems to really use the maximum width from the tip, and the camera’s are mounted at the furthest forward point of it.

      Anyway, looks like a big step forwards, both the livery and the car.

      1. Ooh, I like the detail on the front wing pylons: a yellow band in the red, making them look like a Spanish flag; nice touch.

      1. Drag Reduction System, or the moveable rear wing

  5. And there it is……livery and car look good so far. Just have to wait for better high-res pics to judge it further. Let’s see what the car does on track. Today shakedown, tomorrow serious testing?!

  6. decent looking little car. Want to see more pics to see if theyve still got the sponsorship prompts all over the car.

    1. Yeah they do, see the links in the other comments. :)

  7. It’s a cool idea for a livery I suppose, but it looks a bit too white from the head on view, most of the red and black bits are on the sides

    1. but it looks really nice from the side view (not a good picture quality but anyhow:

  8. Is it me or is the front wing very Brawn bgp001?!

    1. Lol. Its amazing what you can get on ebay.

      1. Ha ha!
        I thought 3 element front wings weren’t allowed this season anyway. Is that just for the launch then?

  9. Does it say Hispania racing team on the rear wing or is that a genuine sponsor?

    1. I don’t care thinking how many haters are there, I just love this team. It must be really difficult period for their engineers to build this car with few resources and money. Geoff Willis did great job. Car is really looking good and I would love to see it doing better than Virgin and Lotus.

      Again good work from engineers and best of luck to HRT.

  10. Is tomorrow still supposed to be a washout in Barcelona? If so, I guess HRT might get a whole half day of testing before the first race. Maybe the drivers will take turns doing laps this afternoon?

      1. Took a while to get them sent back from Bahrain to Europe, I suppose!

      2. oops. That’s rather silly and sad.

    1. Nice interview from Alan Baldwin with Kolles. They might get the car at least some running:

      “We will do systems checks, we will do the fire-up and then we will see,” added Kolles, who said he had just two hours sleep before flying in from Stuttgart for the launch of the last of the 2011 cars.

      HRT might be the only ones being faster than last year. They have no fear of not making the 107%

      “The data we have is that the car is better than last year’s…it’s completely aerodynamically modified,” he added. “The others have lost a little bit, we have gained a little bit so let’s see where we are.”

      1. awesome!!! :D

    2. Heavy rain tomorrow? Is it bad my first thought was imagining the paint on this car running off in the rain water to reveal the dull grey collours of HRT 2010!!?

  11. Looks good, I wonder if it has an engine…

  12. Judging by the suits the drivers are wearing, it looks like the old Stig has found another job, albeit less glamourous.

  13. Finally the mythical F111 observed in the wild.

    1. A wild HRT F111 appears…

      1. The Last Pope
        11th March 2011, 17:12

        What? HRT F110 is evolving!

        HRT F110 evolved into HRT F111!

        1. HRT used Karthikeyan! It’s not very effective…

          1. Is it bad I get all this? :D

      2. this is my favourite chain of comments on F1fanatic :D

  14. It’s a nice looking car and seems more complex than the MVR. Again, more evidence that a few hours of wind tunnel work is better than all CFD at this stage. If the MVR is anything to go by, CFD appears able to deliver a basic package but the finer details seem beyond the technology at the moment.

    I think this car could turn out be a little cracker once they’ve figured it out.

    1. You’re making some big assumptions on the appearance of the car there. It does look nice but that’s not going to make it any quicker I’m afraid

      1. It’s not an assumption, it’s a fact. The rest of the teams don’t stick to wind tunnels for sentimental reasons you know. Geoff Willis has created this car and he knows his way around a wind tunnel alright. It should be very decent in a bottom 3rd of the grid kinda way.

        1. Again, it’s not fact, it’s just your opinion. For all we know, this car could be the fastest thing out there, or it could top out at 140 mph and then the body falls off, we just don’t know!

          Oh and actually CFD is the future, it’s cheaper, faster, and you can use it in many more places than the wind tunnel! Mark my words, once the CFD is refined a bit more, the wind tunnel will be rendered completely obsolete.

          McLaren have a wind tunnel, excellent designers and such, doesn’t mean they are the fastest does it? One man does not make a team…….

          1. Mark my words, once the CFD is refined a bit more, the wind tunnel will be rendered completely obsolete.

            That isnt a view shared by many aero guys in F1.

            Geoff Willis knows one or two things about aero. I’d be willing to say that whetever is achieved it will be better than last years car (as in the gap will be smaller).

          2. I agree with Sam, although I think it will never completely replace wind tunnels, I think in time it will take over for the most part.

            I see this debate as being similar to analogue vs digital cameras.

        2. I meant the assumption that because the car looks good it will be good, not the windtunnel/ CFD debate

  15. Like I said in the other thread – either it will be amazing, or it will be awkward.

  16. I expect HRT to hit the 1:21 zone on their outlap!

    1. whenever that will be.

  17. @alanbaldwinf1 (Alan Baldwin):
    “The HRT may not do much running today however. Kolles says some suspension parts and dampers have yet to clear Spanish customs.”

    1. Just when HRT looks like it might redeem itself… we get this shocking news!

      1. Lol! The team do feel like they go from one disaster/calamity to another but with Colin’s short but sweet interviews, rotating drivers and “this could be you” sticker I can’t help but feel they’ve got a lot of soul and determination so they’ve won me over.

        1. I see nobody finds it odd that a Spanish team is having trouble getting parts into Spain … of course, the whole operation is run out of Kolles’ base in Germany, I believe.

    2. I thought they were a Spanish team, and that they were all testing in Spain!

      Why would parts be stuck in customs!
      (total sarcasm ;) )

  18. I dont think i have ever been this surprised!!!! But it goes to show the calibre of the team when people are surprised that they released there car on time not how fast its going to go haha

  19. It’s impossible to do better than Dallara

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