HRT F111, Barcelona, 2011

HRT F111 seen for the first time in Barcelona

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

HRT have shown their finished 2011 F1 car for the first time in Barcelona.

The F111 will be raced by Vitantonio Liuzzi and Narain Karthikeyan this year.

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152 comments on “HRT F111 seen for the first time in Barcelona”

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  1. Shame they haven’t brought in any more sponsors other than Tata and Speed. Putting a logo on that sort of a livery would get a brand noticed very easily!

  2. Good luck to them. I’ve got a feeling they’ll kick Virgins backside (well at least Liuzzi will).

  3. Nice to have higher quality images up. A bit of a shame about the nice little details clearly being sticker labels though.

  4. CFD requires a vast amount of computing power. The data generated demands mammoth storage requirement. And then it isn’t even a hundred percent accurate. It can not always predict te airflow when you have two different objects interracting to produce a complex airflow.

    Its best used to analyse wind tunnel data.
    The best results fro CFD are those that receive feed back from a wind tunnel to better update the CFD mathematical model.

    A wind tunnel is a controlled environment.
    So it is much more reliable than a live test.
    If Virgin use a live test (circuit) to corroborate their CFD data, how can they be sure its not some random wind pattern or air pressure enhancing the result.

  5. As usual an indian Driver in F1 driving for a team which will come last!!!!

  6. Sponsorship comes in two flavours. You either place a product on the car with the hope they sell more or you place a driver inthe car with the hope he sells his talent.

    Everyone starts from somewhere, even if small. The hope being to improve and enjoy the benefits that come with progress.

    If a driver pays to drive he should live up to his side of the agreement, however charming and likable he may be.
    HRT was born premature but by all means they deserve a fighting chance to survive.

    1. fullthrottle
      11th March 2011, 19:57


  7. So all the teams and drivers are ready, lets see if I can get them right:-

    Red Bull – 1. S Vettel 2. M Webber
    McLaren – 3. L Hamilton 4. J Button
    Ferrari – 5. F Alonso 6. F Massa
    Mercedes – 7. M Schumacher 8. N Rosberg
    Renault – 9. N Heidfeld 10. V Petrov
    Williams – 11. R Barrichello 12. P Maldonado
    Force India – 14. A Sutil 15. P di Resta
    Sauber – 16. K Kobayashi 17. S Perez
    Toro Rosso – 18. S Buemi 19. J Alguersuari
    Lotus – 20. J Trulli 21. H Kovalainen
    Hispania – 22. N Karthikeyan 23. V Liuzzi
    Virgin – 24. T Glock 25. J D’Ambrosio

    1. If they can qualify then just ensure they finish in Australia by turning things down(even if lapped 10 times) they will beat McLaren.

  8. Craig Woollard
    11th March 2011, 20:19

    Despite the style being quite cool, the livery is a joke.

  9. Nice paint job for the slowest car on the grid!

  10. The wheels look very good with the outer white stripe combined with graphite inside.
    That is a very nice signature touch please preserve it
    Best of luck !

  11. You know, I rather like it. This little team keeps showing up against all the odds and they are winning me over. I’ll root for the underdog this year, come on HRT!
    That said, they look in better shape than Virgin to my eyes.

  12. “This could be you” – really? I mean… REALLY?
    Since when are you supposed to be openly proud of selling F1 drives to anyone with (not so) much money?
    “Your logo here”? wow! That _is_ a new low.
    Is that an F1 team or a car rental company?

    Besides… For a livery that was designed by some fancy shmancy designer it looks rather tacky to me. And all the “speed” and “this is a cool spot” stickers give it the highly sought after appeal of a Chinese knockoff of a matchbox car ;D

    I hope the car has at least some speed cause it looks pretty depressing, imho.

  13. They are gonna miss the test entirely according to Autosport because their dampers are stuck in customs, bid shame for them.

    Can’t help thinking most other teams would have someone on a plane with another set in their hand luggage.

  14. this team is a joke

    cant even test the car now!

    i dont believe that the dampers are stuck in customs i bet they just didnt finish the car


  15. Nice look – shame they will be so poor and probably won’t qualify for some races under the reinstated % rule,
    reluctantly predict they will be out of business come the end of the season…hope I’m wrong

  16. I think HRT not making it into 107% margin in Melbourne is a good bet

    …ghosts of 1997 MasterCard Lola lurking around…

  17. Its gonna come last, but its gonna look damn cool doing it!

  18. I know this is of topic but a couple of months back I saw a minardi f1 team lorry drive past carrying a tractor or digger on the trailer, I cant realy remember what it was but i was thinking so are minardi racing these types of vehicles now they aren’t in f1 anymore.

  19. Jamie Franklin
    13th March 2011, 18:38

    Well, I guess this certifies the battle between HRT and Marussia Virgin!

    It’s a difficult one to call, but for some reason, I want the HRT to succeed in that forthcoming fight for 11th place.

    …I would laugh though if HRT managed to sort out the tyre degradation problem of the Pirelli’s…obviously it’s completely ridiculous, but it would be hilarious!

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