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Whitmarsh defends late test for new McLaren

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Martin Whitmarsh says using the old car for the first test was the best approach for McLaren.


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Q&A – McLaren?s Martin Whitmarsh (F1)

“In the case of the MP4-26, one of the most significant performance factors facing every team for 2011 was the introduction of the new Pirelli tyres – a variable that, by running at Valencia using last year’s car, we felt we could more richly evaluate in isolation, on a platform that we already knew and understood. In actual fact, that first test proved extremely beneficial in providing us with rich, raw tyre data that we’ve been analysing ever since. So, while I admit that the introduction of the MP4-26 has been affected by a few reliability issues, we still stand by our decision to defer its introduction by one test.”

Toro Rosso on Twitter

“Over the past two days, we’ve done a total of sixty pit stops!”

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Mercedes update ‘will hit target’ (Autosport)

Ross Brawn: “I think we will be pretty respectable in Melbourne, but I honestly don’t know where people are at the moment because I don’t know what fuel loads people are running.”

Felipe Massa, the workaholic of Montmelo (Ferrari)

“More or less all of us drivers are agreed that there is a need to improve the rain tyres so that they give more grip: if we were to have another race like the one last year in Korea, it would be tough to get to the finish.”

Silverstone sees profitable future and growth (Reuters)

“Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips told Reuters on Wednesday that the former World War Two airfield, owned by the British Racing Drivers’ Club, made a profit of more than 2 million pounds ($3.24 million) in 2010.”

Red Bull to charge down Orchard Rd (Channel News Asia)

“Former driving ace David Coulthard will demonstrate short sprints, burnouts, donuts and engine breaks in a one-hour event along a 1-kilometre stretch from Orchard Link junction to the Buyong Road intersection near the Istana.”

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Highcrosft’s HPD ARX-01e revealed (Highcroft Racing)

“The new car features a heavily revised aerodynamic and suspension package design and built by HPD?s partner, Wirth Research.”

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Comment of the day

Klon thinks Jaime Alguersuari’s prediction of HRTs overtaking Ferraris may not be so unrealistic:

Well, of course this may sound ridiculous. On the other hand, though, if you?d said a Super Aguri could overtake the world champion in an open battle back in early 2007, most people would have laughed. So it?s not like this hasn?t happen before.

From the forum

Work continues on the overtaking statistics project – come and join in!

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The non-championship Syracuse Grand Prix, held in Sicily, was won by Luigi Villoresi, driving a Ferrari.