Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 2011

Sebastian Vettel extends Red Bull contract to 2014

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 2011

World champion Sebastian Vettel has confirmed he will stay at Red Bull until the end of 2014.

Vettel had been the subject of speculation over the winter around a future move to Ferrari.

The contract extension announced today means he will stay with Red Bull for four seasons.

Vettel joined the team in 2009.

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  1. I think that is a good step forward for both him & the team. He is with the Red Bull teams for 3 season (1 with Torro Rosso) & knows them inside out. & we all know that he is the team’s future, in the coming years what the battle we may see is which driver & team combination wins the WC from here as we have

    Alonso- Ferrari
    Hamilton- Mclaren
    Roseberg- Mercedes
    Vettel- Red Bull
    Kubica- Renault (after he comes back from his recovery)

  2. Vettel – the least inspiring driver on the grid and the fore-runner in more ways than one, of the Play-station driver’s generation.

    Put him in an early 90’s car and he’d cry in terror.

    He’s a spoilt child. And a terrible racer.

    1. Least inspiring driver on the grid? I know he can make mistakes under pressure, but such a comment shows lack of respect for an undeniably lightning quick driver. He’s a top three driver.

      1. Yes – the least inspiring driver. Why should I show him any respect. It’s my opinion.

        He’s never won a race from anywhere other than pole. Never had to deal with any adversity in his career, has absolutely no personality and he waves his finger in an incredibly ungainly manner after winning a race. He’s been wrapped in cotton-wool his entire career and has the general demeanor of one of those irritating skate-boarder types.

        He’s also a trenchant buffoon.

        The fact that he’s also the BBC’s Jake Humphrey’s clear favourite amongst the drivers, lowers my respect for him ever more.

        I’ll wait for the backlash.

        1. He so often wins from pole because he had the speed and talent to take pole in the first place. And this appears to work, since in such a short career he’s already won 10 times and is world champion.

          You don’t like the guy. You hate the “Vettel finger”. You find him annoying. I do not agree, but that is all your opinion, which is okay. But what isn’t okay is a lack of appreciation for talent, which Vettel has demonstrated since his first race for BMW Sauber in abundance.

          Plus, throwing around terms like “trenchant buffoon” does not help your argument, instead making it look silly.

          1. Is it really ‘not okay’ to not appreciate his talent. More often than not he has won pole as he has clearly had the fastest car on the grid and a team-mate that does not quite have the ability to match him. I am not denying he is a talented driver – clearly one of the faster drivers on the grid.

            Indeed – I just find him rather underwhelming and childish.

            I’m really sorry if this offends you. You’ve clearly decided to be an erstwhile arbiter for F1 Fanatic.

          2. No, I’m not being offended, just offering a different point of view. I can see how Seb can come off as childish at times, but I guess he is still only 23 and is likely to calm down and mature.

    2. and WELTMEISTER!!!

  3. Fair enough, I can admit that he’s not always the best at overtaking, as demonstrated in Spa last year! But then again, if you look at Hamilton, a so-called master, he didn’t make that many great overtakes last season either….Monza comes to mind.
    Every driver has their shortcomings, but Vettel does have a lot of time to improve on that.

    @Mef. Clearly, you hate Hamilton as well then, even more so in fact, by your logic. As he has literally been moulded in McLaren’s image. He was straight into a good car from the off. At least Vettel started in a Toro Rosso. He just proved that he was very good, very quickly.

    With young driver programmes, this kind of racing driver will probably pop up a lot more in the future, so you’d better get used to it.

    1. @JamieFranklin F1. You’re perceptive.

  4. We dont have an idea how close the competition will be this year ;)

    you cant assume that based on testing :roll:

  5. eerm..

    that was a reply @Ralph Schumacher

  6. Imho, Vettel has definitely made some mistakes that have caused some to wonder if he is the full package, or if in fact he can crack under pressure. And some debated if the way the team has coddled him and tried to deflect the blame from him when it clearly was his fault (eg. taking MW and himself out that one race) has been the healthy way to develope this driver. I think time will tell if this WDC he now owns was a fluke or if he can back it up with more, but at a minimum, as a WDC, I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt that he can and will learn from his experiences, and grow, and get better…from here on in he is a WDC and that should change things for him for the better not the worse, unless he proves he truly cannot deal with pressure even with experience, which I doubt will happen.

    By comparison, LH did everything possible to lose the WDC one year, and in fact did lose it after leading the WDC chase with a few races to go…then he did everything possible to lose the WDC the next year, and only squeaked it through on a day when FM did everything he needed to do, and Glock did a lap 20 seconds slower than his previous, and LH snatched the trophy out of FM’s hands by a hair.

    MS can’t seem to go three races in a row without moving somebody off the track in a questionable fashion

  7. …oops…submitted that comment a bit prematurely…to finish that thought…MS is a 7 time WDC and has never seemed to go three races in a row without moving somebody off the track in a questionable fashion…JB won his WDC on the strength of the double diffuser that most thought would be deemed illegal at the start of the season and he got the bulk of his WDC points before the other teams could catch up and nearly lost the WDC in the end as a result…ie. he barely drove his way to that WDC…

    Point being, all kinds of WDC winners didn’t do everything perfectly…ie. SV deserves credit as a WDC and support that he may improve and up his game with a WDC under his belt and more experience…and he’ll surely get that with his contract extension at Red Bull…he is I’m sure the envy of many on the grid right now…

  8. To be honest, I’d say Jenson was a much more worth champion than Lewis was. Jenson won the 6 out of 7 of the first races, and although had an iffy middle season, his drive in Interlagos proved that he was in fact deserved of the Championship.

    Lewis, on the other hand, won less races than Felipe Massa in 2008 and was less deserving than Felipe, because Massa did everything possible to secure the Championship in that final race, whereas Hamilton got lucky at the last corner.

    In my mind, no-one really stood out from anyone else in 2010. Both Jenson and Lewis didn’t do the job for McLaren, Webber was too much of a whiner, so for me that left Fernando and Seb as the two who actually deserved the crown.

    Alonso drove a stunning second half of the season, but in the last race, his performance was a little lack luster. Vettel may have made mistakes but statistics don’t lie. He won the most amount of races, equal to Alonso, and by the end of the season, he had the most points.

    Also, just a little mention. If we’re talking about mistakes, then what about Button’s 2010 challenge? He was the only driver not to get a DNF from his own accord. He retired twice, once from McLaren’s incident in Monaco, and another from a shunt from Vettel in Spa. Without both of those, Jenson would have been a lot higher in the standings by the end of the season…

  9. Equal treatment in Red Bull Hey!
    Vettel getting $16 million next year whilst Webber Getting $8 million.
    Maybe I’m biased but I though they were pretty close all year and Webber was leading championship for MOST of the year and Vettel ONCE ( I know, when it counted).

    Poor Kubica top 5 driver and should be in ferrari with Alonso who’s still the best driver followed by Hamilton.

  10. Karen Stevenson
    29th May 2011, 22:25

    Well done Seb- you are cool calm & collective, oh and also great looking

    Karen x

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