Video guide to KERS and DRS with Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel explains the basics behind Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems and Drag Reduction Systems (adjustable rear wings) in this video produced by Red Bull:

Update: You can also watch the Mark Webber version of this video.

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76 comments on “Video guide to KERS and DRS with Sebastian Vettel”

  1. Sorry, cant view the video. When does the ARW deactivate after a pass. The moment the driver overtakes or at the end of the straight?

    I seriously dont get why they have reintroduced KERS though, just another distraction for the drivers to deal with. Should of been one or another although KERS limited like DRS. Having it non limited renders it pointless imo.

    1. I think it might be just a tad higher whit these rear wings and some faster drivers finding themselves behind slower ones due to pitstop strategy.

      Still not too much hope of seeing heaps of them, rather seeing the cars in heaps if it goes wrong ;-)

    2. So long as they don’t use the main straight as the zone, the cars would never get to within a second of each other coming out of the chicane. Hard to see any part of the circuit where they would, actually!

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