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Bahrain declares three-month state of emergency 15th March 2011, 12:42

The likelihood of the Bahrain Grand Prix being held this year continues to diminish.

New rules have closed the field up – Michael

Williams’ Sam Michael says the 2011 F1 rules have made the teams closer on performance.

Sauber planning update for second race – Key

Sauber technical director James Key said the C30 will get its first update in Malaysia.

F1 community responds to Japan tragedy

F1 drivers and team members express sorrow following Japan’s devastating earthquake.

Glock doubts Virgin will reach midfield in 2011

Virgin hope to close the gap to the midfield this year but Timo Glock doubts they’ve done enough.

Hamilton “won’t be happy with barren year” – Horner

Christian Horner says Lewis Hamilton will be unhappy “having another barren year”.

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