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Win a big bag of F1 goodies from Unlap 16th March 2011, 17:47

Get ready for the new F1 season in style with a bag of goodies from Unlap.

Whiting: Lapped drivers can use DRS to pass leader

“The proximity detection system will take no account of the number of laps each car has done.”

Rookies bring three countries back to F1

Three countries which haven’t had F1 drivers for decades are represented once more in 2011.

Rosberg expects “very exciting races” in 2011

Nico Rosberg says race strategies are going to be “really interesting” in 2011 due to the Pirelli tyres.

Schumacher: ‘It won’t be easy to overtake”

Michael Schumacher says KERS and DRS will not make overtaking too easy in 2011.

Fans will be told when drivers can use DRS

Charlie Whiting says fans will be shown on TV when drivers are able to use the Drag Reduction System.

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