Crowd, Korea, 2010

Which F1 races are you going to in 2011?

2011 F1 season previewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Crowd, Korea, 2010
Crowd, Korea, 2010

The first race of the 2011 season is just a week away.

Are you going to be at the first race of the new season? Which Grands Prix are you buying tickets for in 2011?

Whichever race you’re planning to attend you can find advice and tips from F1 Fanatics who’ve been before – apart from the new Indian Grand Prix, of course.

From Silverstone to Singapore, Malaysia to Monaco, they’ve found the best places to stay, where to watch at the track, and which tickets to buy.

Below you can find the discussion pages for all of this year’s races where F1 Fanatic are already planning trips and arranging meet-ups.

Race discussion page Circuit discussion page
2011 Australian Grand Prix discussion Albert Park
2011 Malaysian Grand Prix discussion Sepang International Circuit
2011 Chinese Grand Prix discussion Shanghai International Circuit
2011 Turkish Grand Prix discussion Istanbul Park
2011 Spanish Grand Prix discussion Circuit de Catalunya
2011 Monaco Grand Prix discussion Monte-Carlo
2011 Canadian Grand Prix discussion Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
2011 European Grand Prix discussion Circuito Urbano Valencia
2011 British Grand Prix discussion Silverstone
2011 German Grand Prix discussion Nurburgring
2011 Hungarian Grand Prix discussion Hungaroring
2011 Belgian Grand Prix discussion Spa-Francorchamps
2011 Italian Grand Prix discussion Monza
2011 Singapore Grand Prix discussion Marina Bay
2011 Japanese Grand Prix discussion Suzuka
2011 Korean Grand Prix discussion Korean International Circuit
2011 Indian Grand Prix discussion
2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix discussion Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
2011 Brazilian Grand Prix discussion Interlagos
2011 Bahrain Grand Prix discussion Bahrain International Circuit

And don’t forget to check out out “From the Stands” archive to read articles from fans who went to races last year:

If you’re going to a race this year and would like to write a guest article about it then please get in touch by email.

Let us know in the comments which races you’re planning to go to this year and join in the discussion via the links above.

You can also find all that information and more under the “Information > Circuits” menu at the top of the page.

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74 comments on “Which F1 races are you going to in 2011?”

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  1. None unfortunately :( All I’m going to this year is the v8s and maybe watch a few track meets with my mates.

    1. None for me either. Was gonna try and go to Montreal, but it’s cheaper and quicker to fly there from Europe than it is from Seattle! No direct flights on any airline… If I can get my act together I might drive up to Vancouver and catch a direct flight from there.

      1. WOW, now that IS shocking (about the flights I mean)!

        I was planning to go to Turkey a bit, but I am afraid it will have to be postponed.

  2. I’m going to Monaco this year and can’t wait – it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime!

    1. Lucky. I’m goin to exactlt no races this year. Unless watching them on TV counts?

  3. Sush Meerkat
    20th March 2011, 13:47

    I shall be going to none of the races, unfortunately I’m a peasant and spending a gazillion euros on a weekend is something I find difficult to stomach.

    I mean I love F1, but I’d rather spend my money on a proper holiday.

  4. Indian Gp and perhaps the Singapore GP as well.

    1. I’m gonna try to make it for the Indian GP too. Ticket sales start in April right?

      1. May be India depending on the cost.

      2. me too… Indian GP :)

      3. Ticket sales might start pretty late, as there will always be some delay in completing the track construction and inspection. And I do not think the tickets will be expensive, should be priced along the lines of the malaysian gp.. if not cheaper.

        1. What is better being a spectator or marshal?

          1. Going as a spectator is easier, and more available for most I expect.

            But I guess most here on the site would have a try at Marshaling.
            Its tough work and depending on where you hare it might be hard to follow the race, but very rewarding as you are right in the action.
            Look at the great guest article from Wei Jian at Singapore last year:

  5. Malaysian GP! going to have my first paddock experience!

    1. Where do you stay? I was suppose to go but don’t seem like this year it will be possible.

      1. i’m staying at kuala lumpur.
        why your not coming to the race? where r u from?

        1. From Bangladesh.I was suppose to come with many of my friends they won’t make it this year due to problem,secondly I still don’t have enough money to make it as the price of everything rises this time.But I promise one day I will make it.Enjoy the day.

    2. First time @ the Malatsian G.P. Any tips.
      How did you get the Paddok experience?
      Is their a way to get tickets to the pit lane walk?

      1. hi chris!
        my tips is, come early to the circuit to avoid massive traffic jam. its raining season here now, so do bring extra clothes. one week before the race, check this website usually, they will update you about your transport from KL city to the circuit if your planning to go by bus. i took their bus last year and its really worth it.

        i got my paddock pass from joining AirAsia’s contest :D
        i’m not sure about the pit lane walk ticket, usually its always on friday. unless you are a paddock club holder, there’s always a pit lane walk from friday to sunday.

        btw, where are you from? if your coming to Malaysia one week before the race, there will be a Team Lotus street demo at Putrajaya.

  6. I’m going to go to Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, if they reschedule it of course.

  7. non but next year im hoping to go to spa for my 18th birthday because usualy its only a week or so after my b-day

  8. If you’re an F1Fanatic regular and you’re heading down to Albert Park next weekend, keep and eye on the Aus GP page () because a lot of us (ahem) Aussie Fanatics will be down there too and we’d love to hear from you!

    1. Seconded. I would really like to meet a few F1Fanatics too. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend. Would anyone like to get a big white sheet and paint “” over it (in proper colours and font, of course)? I think we need to have a group photo taken in front of an F1 car whilst holding the banner of our favourite website proudly. :)

      1. Pink Pirelli
        21st March 2011, 8:59

        I’ll be there. Where is everyone sitting? I have gone the 4 corners again this year, with Jones on the sunday.

        1. I’m in Brabham for all four days. Make sure you check the discussion, because we’re hoping to have a meet-up! ;)

  9. I’ll be going to the South African one, and if that fails, then the African one. If that fails, I guess we cant classify it as a world series, now can we?

    Yes, I’m sour :P

  10. Me and Katy are going to Silverstone this year with our Dad’s and her brother.

    It will be Katy’s brother and Dad’s first Grand Prix :)

    1. Was your Dad an F1 fan or did you drag him into it? My Dad told me about his first Grand Prix the other day. Adelaide 1985. My first was Melbourne 2009, but next weekend I’m going again! I seriously think there is nothing in the world I would rather do than watch an F1 race at the circuit. Best. Feeling. Ever.

      1. is this your youtube channel damonsmedley

        1. One of them… In a few days I’ll be uploading a 2010 review as a sort of 2011 preview! :P

          1. lol ok sounds good I subscribed cuz im kool like that.

          2. oh right yeah your newest one is damonsmedley2

          3. Sounds good Damon!

  11. Im going to silverstone (again) and for the first time the nurburgring, planning to camp there. Has anyone here done so before?

  12. All of them. LOL

  13. Canadian here!!!

  14. Hey everyone,
    Wanted some help here.

    I am from India and I might be in England from July 16th onwards. I badly want to attend the British GP,it would be a huge dream come true.

    However,since I’m a student,I need to think about my finances.So if you could help me with a couple of questions,it would be great.

    a) How much would the entire F1-weekend experience cost me? I’m talking about the F1 tickets,food,travel and anything else for three days. (Nothing basic,just the essentials)

    b) How much would the expenses be for an extra 10 days in London be?Food,housing,travel etc. Ive got costs covered from July 16th onwards,I need to think about paying for 7th – 16th myself. Again,bare minimum. :)

    Would be hugely grateful for any help.

    1. Hi Varun

      Race Weekend you would probably do about £500 inc food, transport, tickets etc

      Depends where you want to stay in London, but you could get an ok B+B for about £25.00 night if you hunt around. As for travel etc that depends on how much travelling you intend doing. Realistically bare minimum expenditure fo the 10 days in London will be £500-£600 pounds.

      1. Thanks ton for the info.. :)..

        I guess that means Ill have to bin my plans for now..1200 pounds is a whole lot more money than what a student can afford..

        Maybe some other time.. :)

  15. Just yesterday i was sitting and looking at my university’s schedule, apparently i got a 12 day-break in the beginning of October, and in the middle of the break there’s the Japanese GP! But it will cost me hell a lot of money to travel half the globe to watch the race!
    In the middle of May i will know if i can attend the Belgian GP though.
    I want to go to Monza the best, but it will collide with my exams.
    I knew i shouldn’t have got into university… :)

  16. All I know is I’m saving my pennies for Texas 2012!

  17. graham228221
    20th March 2011, 16:28

    Got my tickets for my first GP – Monza in September! Can’t wait :D

  18. I’m going to Silverstone for the whole weekend! To fill the gaps between Formula 1 though I’ll be going to a few BTCC and British F3 races, plus DTM, various club meetings and hopefully WRC, Superleague Formula and LMS 6hrs of Silverstone.

  19. None for me unfortunately. It’s a bit expensive for me to spend all those money ona weekend as would have to drag my wife and daughter with me too. The last one I have gone to was Barcelona 2001. Was a gret experience especially in the pitlane on thursday. I was able to speek to Giancarlo Minardi.

  20. I’m going to Monza with MattHT and another friend, Joe. Really looking forward to it! Keen to meet others so I will check out the race page :)

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