Jean Todt’s Approval Rating 2011: Part 1

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Are you happy with how F1 is being run by the FIA president?

F1 Fanatic looks at how the president of the sport?s governing body, Jean Todt, is managing the championship.

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FIA developments since the last approval rating


The FIA had little to say about the situation in Bahrain which led to the postponement of the first race of 2011.

In a letter to the media last week Todt said: “As you all know, on advice from the Bahrain Motor Federation we have had to skip the inaugural Grand Prix in that country due to severe social unrest.

“We have asked our Bahraini colleagues to inform us by May 1st on whether the race can take place. We wish then well in their ongoing attempts to resolve their issues.”


Nor has the FIA shown any sign of intervening in the dispute between Renault and Lotus, who are locked in dispute over the right to use the name ‘Lotus’.

Despite the confusion, the FIA appear content to refer to both teams using the name ‘Lotus’. Their 2011 F1 season guide refers to them as “Lotus Renault GP” and “Team Lotus”.

The high court will begin to hear the dispute between the two teams tomorrow.

Circuits Commission

The FIA Circuits Commission is to examine F1 tracks “to identify the possibility of increasing the opportunities for overtaking.”

Tyre testing and safety car rules

In order to allow Pirelli to develop new tyres, a new rule announced earlier this month will allow teams to use extra sets of development tyres at Fridays on race weekends.

There have also been some changes to the safety car rules, and special pit lane visits for race track marshals, explained in the link below.

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating

As an F1 fan, do you approve or disapprove of the way Jean Todt is handling his job as FIA President?

  • Approve (47%)
  • Disapprove (37%)
  • No opinion (16%)

Total Voters: 228

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Jean Todt?s Approval Ratings

Jean Todt Approval rating January-December 2010

Jean Todt Approval rating January-December 2010

Date Approve Disapprove No opinion
December 2010 53% 34% 13%
November 2010 71% 18% 11%
October 2010 60% 24% 16%
September 2010 44% 43% 12%
August 2010 60% 17% 23%
July 2010 54% 24% 22%
June 2010 53% 23% 24%
May 2010 78% 8% 14%
April 2010 63% 14% 23%
March 2010 53% 24% 23%
February 2010 57% 14% 29%
January 2010 55% 16% 29%

The Jean Todt Approval Rating was a monthly feature in 2010. It is being run quarterly during 2011.

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81 comments on Jean Todt’s Approval Rating 2011: Part 1

  1. Bigbadderboom (@bigbadderboom) said on 20th March 2011, 13:08

    Disaprove. Lack of action and unwillingness to make a decision reagrding Bahrain demonstrated weekness on the part of the FIA.
    I think the same can be said for the Lotus dispute, again lacking strength in not helping to resolve the issues which reflect upon the sport.
    Can’t help that the Circuit Commission initiative sounds like “a job for the boys” scenario which is unlikely to yeild any fruit.
    Get some balls Mr Todt, let’s here some of YOUR opinions and the thoughts which shape the FIA and our beloved F1.
    Feeling cynical today!!

  2. Cacarella (@cacarella) said on 20th March 2011, 13:27

    He’s doing a fine job.
    They’ve reacted to the tire degradation issues by adjusting the tire limit rules, stayed clear of team scwabbles, and have cusioned themselves properly with the DRS so that it can be fine tuned or scrapped altogether if it fails. Also, I know I’m going to get alot of slack for this but, I’m still admire that he had the balls to get rid of the ‘team orders’ rule even though his approval rating would suffer.

  3. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 20th March 2011, 13:59

    Damn! Why does this page log me out each time I load it??
    Does Jean Todt fear that I might disapprove him?

  4. pete said on 20th March 2011, 14:02

    For many reasons no.

  5. Icthyes said on 20th March 2011, 14:09

    Bahrain was more Bernie’s thing, but the FIA was practically silent, not a good thing.

    I go for No Opinion, give him a fresh start for the new season.

  6. Sean said on 20th March 2011, 14:17

    Didn’t make the poll in time, but would have voted approve if I had.

    He’s not Max!!!!! And he continues to be a pragmatic, hands- off manager who shows no signs of control freakery, partisan bias and self regard, which is what his predecessor was all about. He just trusts people to do their jobs and steps in as needed, which is what proper management is about.

    After years of Max sticking his nose into every exchange, Todt is such a breath of fresh air.

    • Burnout (@burnout) said on 20th March 2011, 16:30

      Yes, he’s not Max. Shouldn’t we hold him to a higher standard especially for that reason? After all he was very successful as a team boss both in F1 and in rallying. Todt is capable of much more while still maintaining a low profile (by Max’s standards).

  7. snowman said on 20th March 2011, 14:29

    The track commission is a good thing. I disapprove though on number of things. Ferrari team orders badly managed, small turbo engine’s(should be sacked for even suggesting it), the whole DRS gimmick.

  8. George (@george) said on 20th March 2011, 15:31

    I just about approve, I think they should have intervened with the whole Lotus situation but I imagine that would be quite tricky to do legally. The other big things are Bahrain and tyre testing, and I think they called it right on both accounts.

  9. Klon (@klon) said on 20th March 2011, 16:03

    I’ve approved this time around.

    Bahrain and their politics are none of FIA’s business. The only thing that needed to be done was to assure the safety of the competitors which was not the case at the time of the race. Todt gave them time to see if a race could be held safely and that’s all they needed to do.

    Same thing for Lotus, really. FIA is not up to decide which team is allowed to bear the Lotus name. Especially since the courts are not going to reach such a decision either. That would be sheer arbitrariness.

    Only thing that bothers me a bit are the safety car rules. I still think we should allow lapped cars to take back a lap. That could help racing more than some other ideas mentioned.

  10. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 20th March 2011, 16:50

    All you have to do to decide if Jean Todt is doing a good job or not is compare him to Max Mosely. I particularly like the fact that he doesn’t flap his mouth off about everything. I think he is doing a great job.

  11. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 20th March 2011, 17:26

    Wow, I thought I was in a minority.

    A part of me thinks he could have handled the Lotus situation better but then again, I wouldn’t think it the FIA’s job to sort that out, that’s why it’s gone to the courts. It doesn’t bring the sport into disrepute, if anything it makes more people take notice.

    Good move on the tyres, clearly developing the tyres, or at least having the option is sensible.

    And I think the introduction of DRS is good.

  12. I wonder what is approval rating will be when the 2013 technical regulations finally get published?

    Passive Snail!

  13. cubejam (@cubejam) said on 20th March 2011, 19:38

    Even considering 4cylinder engines for 2013 is a massive fail. Disprove!

  14. HounslowBusGarage said on 20th March 2011, 20:00

    Hmmm. Tricky.
    By this time we should have had a Grand Prix and been able to make a decision whether the FFW is a good or bad thing. But Bahrain was cancelled and Charlie Whiting came out with the ‘clarification’ of the FFW rules after the Bahrain should have taken place, which doesn’t look as thought the FIA have actually thought this one through.
    I think JT is wise to leave the Lotus, Lotii, Lotuses problem to the courts and to concentrate on things he can really work on. But unless he has been like the proverbial swan (all serenity above water, but legs going like mad underwater), his reticence to announce and pronounce might look like a dereliction of duty.
    Me, I’m sitting rather uncomfortably on the fence.

  15. HounslowBusGarage said on 20th March 2011, 20:12

    Actually, I shopuld have addressed JT’s planning for the future of F1 as well.
    I’m perfectly happy for F1 2013 to be 1600 cc turbos. It’s what you do with it that counts, not the size of it. To quote the missus “size isn’t everything”.
    Back in the early ’80’s there were immensely powerful turbo engines of sub two litres that produced speactaular racing- and sound! So I’m not unhappy with the return to one and a half litre F1 engines.
    Far more worrying are this years’ tyres. If the FIA is happy with a fast-degrading set of tyres that throw off large amounts of marbles (which inhibit overtaking), I think they are mistaken.
    The next approval rating will be crucial as we should have had about five races by then.
    And Keith, thanks for releasing me from “Your comment is awaiting moderation”; I promise not to type rude words again.

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