Pirelli tyres, Valencia, 2011

Pirelli bringing extra tyres for first practice sessions

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In today’s round-up: Pirelli will bring extra tyres for practice in Australia.


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Extra tyres for Melbourne practice (Autosport)

“The 12th set of tyres, which will be of the ‘prime’ hard specification, can only be used in first and second practice and must be returned to the FIA, along with two others set of prime and one of option, before the start of third practice.”

‘Red Bull are just a drinks company,’ says revved-up Lewis Hamilton (The Guardian)

Red Bull are not a manufacturer, they are a drinks company. It’s a drinks company versus McLaren/Ferrari history. I don’t know what their plan is. Our team is building to become a bigger manufacturer, like Ferrari, and I can only see our team being there for a ridiculous amount of time. It is a pure-bred racing team.”

Race drowning in a sea of red (Sydney Morning Herald)

“In 1996, when Walker said the grand prix attracted a bumper crowd of 401,000, each person through the gate brought in $99.79. By last year, the 305,000 attendees claimed by the AGPC brought in only $80.79 a head.”

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Aussie GP faces axe (Daily Express)

Bernie Ecclestone: “We are probably going to have to drop two races to fit in Austin and Russia. Australia are saying they don?t want a race.”

Grand prix on the ‘comeback’ trail (The Age)

“Mr Westacott acknowledged the opposition in Melbourne to the race but challenged doubters to see it for themselves: ‘I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t experienced it to come along and they’ll be a convert.”’

Manish Pandey on Twitter

“Australian ‘Senna’ film release confirmed by Universal on July 21st!”

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An Angry David Hunt Speaks Out About Team Lotus (The Race Driver)

“I am still 100% loyal to the Team Lotus brand and fans and long to do my best for them so Tony, Din and Nasa have the maximum chance of success in this trial. However, why should I continue to help them after the way I?ve been treated? They need my help right now as I can see some potentially serious holes in their case but they seem to be treating me as the enemy, rather than Group Lotus, and have this week even instructed their lawyers to sue me for defamation! I have no idea of what their grounds are for this.”

Tony Fernandes on Twitter

“Amazing how greed corrupts and turns people into monsters. So damn determined to remain team lotus. Never been so determined. The good will always win. I am so looking forward to go racing and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Never said it but after all we have been subjected to we deserve to be Team Lotus. I am so proud of each and every team member for the honesty the hard work and the amazing passion they have put into this team in one year. We built a team on trust and belief and passion. That’s worth more than all the money anyone can give me. Its what dreams and legends are made of. We did it for the right reasons.”

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David Coulthard analyses Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull (BBC)

“I’m curious to see how he reacts. I’m a fan not because I have an association with the team, but because he shows a level of respect for the sport but equally he knows it’s his journey and he has to do it himself without getting a leg-up.”

Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter

“On the way to the airport in Kuala Lumpur catching Air Asia to Melbourne. Flu seems to have been scared off by training and vitamins so fingers crossed.”

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Red Bull designer Adrian Newey still ahead of the game (Daily Telegraph)

??Where I was perhaps fortunate in comparison with great engineers such as Patrick [Head] and Gordon [Murray] and Harvey is that aerodynamics in those days wasn?t recognised as being the crucial performance factor that it is now. I arrived in the sport with far more theoretical knowledge than them and was well placed, through my studies, to capitalise. I guess I was in the right place at the right time.??

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Comment of the day

Nemo87 shares Lewis Hamilton’s view on Red Bull:

I really hope that they find the extra second. I?d hate to see the team beaten by an energy drink again.

From the forum

RIISE asks if MotoGP is all it’s cracked up to be.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Hamilton WC 09 and Juan Pablo Heidfeld!

On this day in F1

The last F1 race in Mexico was held on this day in 1992. New Mexican F1 driver Sergio Perez was just two years old at the time.

Nigel Mansell won as Williams continued their domination of the opening races of the year.

Look out for a young Michael Schumacher making his eighth F1 start in this video:

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