Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2011

Strategy more important than pole – Domenicali

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Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali believes having the right strategy will be more important than getting the best position on the grid in 2011.

Domenicali said: “From what we have seen in winter testing, these tyres are very different to those we used in the past.

“Therefore, we have to adopt a fresh approach and clearly, from what we have seen so far, the number of pit stops required to complete a race distance competitively will be higher than before.

“This is significant in terms of teamwork at the races, because more pit stops means the role of team members becomes even more important in terms of deciding the final outcome of the races.

“A further impact of having more pit stops is that possibly qualifying and therefore grid position will be less important than in 2010.

“In simple terms it is more likely that a car that has not set the fastest time and taken pole position can still go on to win the race. It will be absolutely vital to have the right strategy in order to win the race.”

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2011
Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2011

Heading into the first race of the season Domenicali said his drivers are “motivated for different reasons”.

Fernando [Alonso] has done a fantastic winter in terms of preparation and testing and is looking forward to getting to Melbourne, because after an incredible second half to last year, he wants to cancel out what happened at the last race in Abu Dhabi.

Felipe [Massa] is now very strong mentally and he is looking forward to what will be a very important season for him.”

He added: “As we prepare for the first race, I would like to single out one group of our fans and hold them close to our hearts right now and that is our fans in Japan and indeed all the people in Japan.

“What has happened there is more important than anything to do with our sport and serves to remind us what are the priorities in our lives.??

More from Domenicali in the video above.

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