Schumacher Mercedes not ready to fight for championship

Schumacher: ‘Mercedes not ready to fight for title’

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Michael Schumacher does not expect Mercedes will be in contention for the championship this year.

Heading into the second year of his F1 comeback he said: “2011 is going to be a year that we certainly have the means of improving ourselves.

“Last year, to a degree, was a disappointing season. We expected a lot more. Nevertheless we are not yet in a position to fight for the championship.

“Hopefully we may be able to fight for podiums, and may win, I think these are realistic targets at the moment. Nevertheless, on the other side, we will try as much as we can, that’s the natural behaviour of us race drivers and teams.”

Schumacher also said he hopes F1 races do not become all about tyre preservation in 2011.

He described the new Pirelli tyres as “very different to what we are used to.”

“To have more pit stops, yes, does open the possibility for changing of position and to make it a little bit more exciting.

“We just need to be careful that we still stay in the frame of racing cars to its edge and not preserving tyres going too slow in order to make the minimum distance that is required.

“So it’s something that needs some more development, but I’m pretty sure can be done.”

See more from Schumacher in the video above.

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