Sakon Yamamoto

Yamamoto joins Virgin as reserve driver

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sakon Yamamoto
Sakon Yamamoto

Sakon Yamamoto has joined Virgin as the team’s reserve driver for the first three races of 2011.

The Japanese driver started seven races for HRT last year.

Yamamoto said: ??I am pleased to work with Marussia Virgin Racing in Australia.

“I really appreciate them giving me a chance to be here. The team has made a big step forward this year and I believe that I can contribute to their car development through my experience.

“As everyone is aware it is a very difficult time in Japan right now and any good news is much welcomed. I hope the people back home will feel positive about my latest F1 role as I would like to do everything possible to help them.”

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49 comments on “Yamamoto joins Virgin as reserve driver”

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  1. Sound_Of_Madness
    23rd March 2011, 13:36

    If he somehow gets a pay-driving role through the season, he ll have competed in 4 seasons starting none! Is it a record?

    1. The Last Pope
      23rd March 2011, 14:35

      lol probably.

  2. Hopefully this will keep him away from an HRT car this season.

  3. I agree with some of the comments on Sakon.

    So what if he’s paying for the pleasure of being reserve driver.

    Until worldwide sponsors spend increases again, and the worldwide recession recedes, I dont have any problem with the smaller teams bring in funds.

    Does anyone recall who his personal sponsor is? did he take someone to HRT last year.

  4. I’m happy for him and Virgin. Wouldn’t be that surprised if got to do a few races.

  5. Next Sakon will be telling us about his dream to become World Champion lol

  6. Glock needs to get himself off that sinking ship instead of wasting the prime of his career…

  7. James Williams
    24th March 2011, 1:31

    Hopeless driver. He has never been any good.

  8. If the Rookie driver d’ Ambrosio isn’t racing well then he may be the replacement for him.But honestly I am surprise.

  9. lets look at some facts here

    2010 HRT qualifying

    Bri – +0.392 to Chandhok
    Ger – +1.252 to Senna
    Hun – +0.062 to Senna
    Bel – +0.329 to Senna
    Ita – +0.173 to Senna
    Jap – +0.095 to Senna
    Kor – -0.839 to Senna

    I mean…..seriously – that’s really not that bad, he is by no means the worst Gp driver ever! Infact those stats are pretty good – I’d claim em!!

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