Sergio Perez, Sauber, Melbourne, 2011

Kobayashi and Perez disqualified from results

2011 Australian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Sauber, Melbourne, 2011
Sergio Perez, Sauber, Melbourne, 2011

Both Saubers have been disqualified from the Australian Grand Prix due to a technical infringement.

Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi therefore lose their seventh and eighth place finished in the race.

Their upper rear wing element was found not to conform to the regulations.

The change promotes Felipe Massa to seventh and Sebastien Buemi to eighth.

It also means both Force India drivers have moved up into the points, with Adrian Sutil taking nine and Paul di Resta scoring the final point on his debut.

See the revised results in full:

Update: Sauber have announced they will appeal the decision.

James Key said: “This is a very surprising and disappointing result.

“It appears that there is a question over the top surface of the uppermost rear wing element, this area is not the working surface of the component and therefore relatively unimportant to its function.

“Certainly this has not lead to any performance advantage. We are checking the design of the parts now to better understand the situation and we intend to appeal the decision made by the stewards.”

The FIA found them in breach of articles 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 of the technical regulations.

2011 Australian Grand Prix

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  1. Regardless of this, Sauber just might have the most promising duo on the grid. It sucks, but rules are rules; they’ll bring the car up to snuff and be on their way to a season that’s looking good.

  2. All these comments suggesting the FIA need to do more are completely missing the point.
    Wing elements are frequently and routinely changed by teams between races and even during a race weekend.
    There’s no way the FIA could check the wing “at the start of the season” or even in Thursday’s scrutineering.
    Sauber screwed up by running an illegal part. It’s that simple. I’m as miffed as anyone that it’s altered the result and is hugely disappointing for them. BUT the blame lies in only one place – the team themselves.

    1. +1
      Its not good or fair but only Sauber are to blame.

    2. Ok, taking that as the general rule of thumb then, if they knew they had changed a wing part, which presumably was done before ‘Parc Ferme’ on Saturday. Would it not have been prudent to think, ok we will check the wing before the race tomorrow, to avoid any problems after, at least that way they would have to put back the previous part and regardless of the outcome could participate knowing they were legal.
      I understand the onus is on the team to comply with regulations, but it is also partly the FIA’s aswell, they introduce them, so it is also partly on them to enforce them…works both ways.
      Regardless bad result this weekend, but hopefully the teams as a whole will think once bitten twice shy and it will not happen again…

  3. How was this not picked up in homologation? Unless the rear wing has changed since then.

  4. So, Massa and Ferrari benefit…surprise, surprise. A little help from the FIA.

  5. Pink Pirelli
    27th March 2011, 22:30

    Very disappointing, I hate it when results are changed after the race. Still, it was a performance to be proud of for both drivers. I look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us this season.

  6. potsdam curray
    28th March 2011, 0:25

    Sauber is not Mclaren. Hammy gets away with a non conforming floor pan and Sauber gets shafted

  7. I seriously hope this is overturned. Utterly crushing as Koby fan

    1. & Perez fan. I liked both of them.

  8. Such a shame, if Sauber are wrong then it is devastating. Both their drivers did nothing wrong. This is not what I expected from a very experience squad in F1.I don’t think they will anything by appealing against that.

  9. tolgakaranlik
    28th March 2011, 7:09

    Well it is sad indeed but I believe the most important fact is that Sauber has made a strong, durable and fast car and had good drivers. I don’t know whether their appeal will result negative or positive, but it is certain that they will get a lot more points this year

  10. Excellent drives from the Sauber boys yesterday, particularly from perez.

    Funny how nobody really suffered with the tyres, and the race was pretty interesting.

    Have to say I was surprised that Ferrari and Mercedes were off the pace. Massa still seems to be struggling for some reason. I dont think he’ll last past this season.

    Still, nice to be talking about racing :-) F1 is back!

  11. James Key isn’t that the person who designed the FI wich was also very fast on the straights? So if he says the wing didn’t contribute to performance i really should look at the wing because it certainly does something on the straights.

  12. I really hate it when the result is changed after the race, especially for a minor technical infringement, still I guess rules are rules and if you turn up with a car that doesn’t conform to them then you can’t complain.

    I do think though that in these situations – where the offending part can be proved no to have a performance benefit – the drivers should be reinstated provided that it can be proved and provided that the offending part is changed for the next race. At the very least, this should apply for a first offence.

  13. I supposed cars were checked by the stewards before the race, on Saturday afternoon for example. But it isn’t!!!! So they let Sauber run and then comes up the surprise of an out-of-rules element? I don’t think FI or Ferrari had claimed for it (not this time, not yet) but there should be more control on these wings and stuff before racing.

  14. Says Martin Brundle:

    I scored points in my first-ever grand prix and they were later rescinded through no fault of my own. It doesn’t matter though because 27 years later it only annoys me about once a month now.

    I imagine that’s how Perez and Kobayashi are feeling right about now. Poor buggers. But yeah, only Sauber as a team are to blame if this does turn out to be true.

    It’s funny though, the top of the Sauber wing looks more curved than some of the other teams’, not less.

    1. Ah, wait, they were deemed to be too curved, presumably. So that observation would be correct in that light. Oops :)

    2. Brundle lost more than just those point in his first race. He was DQ’ed from every race that season and lost all of his results including a podium at Detroit.

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