Pirelli wet tyre test, Abu Dhabi, 2011

McLaren reserve de la Rosa to do Pirelli test

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McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa is to conduct a tyre test for Pirelli in Istanbul.


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De la Rosa set for final Pirelli run (Autosport)

“Although de la Rosa has recently signed a reserve driver deal with McLaren, Pirelli has made no secret of the fact that it wanted the Spaniard to run one last time at a private test because he has the most knowledge of its preparations.”

Sebastien Buemi on Twitter

“I feel sorry for the Sauber guys but Perez did an awesome race!”

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Sauber technical director James Key (Grand Prix)

“When we gave him soft tyres on lap 22 we weren’t expecting it either! About lap 45 was when we decided we’d give it a go. We monitored it very closely, we were speaking to Pirelli and they were advising us about our wear on the first set of tyres and they said it looked pretty good. We felt that if the lap times continued as they were and didn’t drop off as we’d seen before, then we’d just leave him out. That didn’t really happen until about a couple of laps before the end, when he probably backed off a little bit anyway, to be fair. It was a bit of an eye opener and I think we’ll go to Kuala Lumpur with a slightly different view on the tyres.”

Tony Fernandes on Twitter

“Guys, I would love to be able to beat Renault. But it ain’t going to happen any time soon. But this ain’t about one season. My strategy always takes time. It’s not about this season. It’s about getting it right so its forever. Just like Air Asia.”

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Sauber ?ǣ Explanation of the rear wing infringement (Scarbs F1)

Sauber have three versions of the flap available and two were brought to Melbourne. It seems the version raced was not fully checked at the factory and therefore the error was not picked up, whereas the other (un-raced) specification flap was checked and deemed legal. Not every car and every component gets fully checked by the FIA scrutineers. The cars will go through different tests at different points in the weekend. It seems the Sauber flap in question was not tested until after the race.”

Meet Lewis Hamilton, The Car (Empire)

“We?ve got some new Cars 2 characters to share with you, and a little turntable video too. But they?re not just any old new Cars 2 characters, no sir. One?s Lewis Hamilton. No… really.”

Lewis Hamilton to take 13,000-mile detour to watch brother Nicolas make race debut ahead of Malaysian GP (Daily Telegraph)

Nicolas Hamilton will be racing in a Renault Clio Cup event at Brands Hatch. I’#m going there to watch that and see the first races of the British Touring Car Championship – let me know in the comments if you’re heading there too.

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Comment of the day

Andy C sticks up for HRT:

The more people hate HRT, the more I find myself defending them.

I would personally love it, if in Malaysia they come out fighting and are faster than Virgin.

Virgin had a complete winters prep, and HRT came within 1.7 seconds of them in what was effectively a shakedown.

In Vitantonio Liuzzi, they have someone who is clearly an able F1 driver.

All of this nonsense about HRT being a joke, and having cocked up their winter prep is just ill-informed.

They?ve had a massive team of designers working on the redesign of the new car, under Geoff Willis, who has proven he knows his way around F1.

It would have been easier to just turn out with last years car, but they?ve tried to do things to improve, and all of the armchair experts are slating them. And under Colin Kolles they have a stubborn guy who tends to get things done.
Andy C

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On this day in F1

It all kicked off between the Williams drivers at Jacarepagua in Brazil 30 years ago today.

Reigning champion Alan Jones was left fuming after team mate Carlos Reutemann ignored instructions from the team to let Jones win.

More on that race in this article from last year:

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