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Should the Bahrain Grand Prix be held in 2011? 30th April 2011, 11:12

Would it be right for F1 to hold a race in Bahrain? Cast your vote here.

Massa does filming day for Ferrari

In the round-up: Ferrari use another filming day to put more mileage on the 150??? Italia.

Perez eager to score first points on familiar track 29th April 2011, 11:03

Sergio Perez welcomes a return to circuits he’s familiar with in next week’s Turkish Grand Prix.

Heidfeld criticises “artificial” Drag Reduction System

Nick Heidfeld says he’s “not a fan” of DRS.

Head to miss races to work on Williams reliability

Patrick Head will miss races to work on the reliability problems which have plagued Williams.

Toro Rosso plan “major” update for Monaco GP

Toro Rosso have taken the unusual step of planning an upgrade for the STR6 for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Teams consider changes to 2013 engine rules

In the round-up: The switch to four-cylinder engines in 2013 agreed last year could be revised.

Qualifying well still important – Renault 28th April 2011, 20:58

Renault’s technical director James Allison says qualifying well is still important in 2011.

Lotus deal “a dream come true” – Caterham boss

Caterham’s Anser Ali describes the Lotus deal as “unbelievably special”.

Turkish GP too expensive for locals, says Webber

Mark Webber says the Turkish Grand Prix attracts few spectators because ticket prices are too high.

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