New F1 Fanatic statistics pages for 2011

F1 statistics

Start, Melbourne, 2011

Start, Melbourne, 2011

The new F1 Fanatic data pages for 2011 are a feast for the stats fan.

The revised 2011 F1 statistics pages contain all the year’s data on races, qualifying, team mates and more.

A new layout makes it easier to find whatever statistics you’re looking for.

If you want to see which driver prefers the super-soft tyre, who’s had the most car failures, you can find it all here.

And you can find out who holds the upper hand in each team by comparing team mates in the driver form guides.

As there’s only one race in the books so far, some of the pages are a little light on data, but that will change as the season progresses. The pages will be updated every race day.

Have a look at the 2011 F1 statistics pages here:

You can find the 2011 F1 statistics pages in the menu under “2011 F1 season” or “Statistics”.

As ever I’m always looking for ways to improve and I think some of the data could benefit from a more attractive, graphical presentation. If you have any suggestions along those lines or for other statistics you’d like to see please leave a comment.

One are that is covered at present is overtaking. Several F1 Fanatic readers are assisting with compiling data on overtaking – see the forum for more information.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images

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31 comments on New F1 Fanatic statistics pages for 2011

  1. bigbadderboom said on 1st April 2011, 20:21

    Your rapidly becoming the one stop fan shop for all things f1! Great job Keith.

  2. Monosodico said on 1st April 2011, 21:50

    It’s ironic.. a picture of a HRT in te Qualifyng item

  3. quizmaster (@quizmaster) said on 1st April 2011, 22:34

    Keith these pages are brilliant and should highlight a lot of interesting factors as the season progresses. One thing I have thought of is an analysis of each drivers stints. Basically disregard the first lap of the race and any laps where the driver pitted and note when they did the fastest lap of that stint in comparsion to the number of laps. For example Vettel did 14 lap first stint with his fastest lap on lap 4 of that stint so a 4/12 (Soft) could be logged. His next stint was 3/21 (Soft) and so on. This shows his tyres were best early on in the stints. Heidfeld was 10/13 (Soft) and 13/14 (Soft) suggeesting the Renault is looking after its tyres better than Red Bull. Looking at all the drivers could paint an interesting picture.

    • Alex Bkk said on 2nd April 2011, 3:35

      Maybe also in the race results what lap the driver was on his lap time when he did FLAP of the race.

      FLAP: Philipe Massa + lap + time

      Just for a bit faster reference.

      • Stubie said on 2nd April 2011, 14:17

        I may have over looked it, but is flap and gap to flap, and what lap and tires a somewhat useful statistic as well. Might give us a sense of drivers race pace, and we might be able to compensate for fuel loads.

        Not that I am volunteering to compile those stats myself ;)

        As alway, brilliant stuff

  4. Cluffy_Wedge said on 2nd April 2011, 18:19

    ever considered making downloadable spreadsheets so then people can then submit interesting graphs and stuff?

  5. JCF1 (@jcf1) said on 3rd April 2011, 0:05

    “There are lies, dammed lies and statistics.”

    Shut up, statistics rule!

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