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Massa: “We should only have DRS on one straight” 5th April 2011, 15:15

Massa says allowing drivers to use DRS on both straights in Sepang would make passing “too easy”.

McLaren expect fight with Ferrari and Mercedes

McLaren believe Ferrari and Mercedes will be a greater threat in the coming races.

Ferrari to address qualifying weakness

Ferrari hope higher temperatures in Sepang will help them improve their qualifying performance.

Ferrari believe some teams using KERS only for starts

Ferrari say some teams are only using their Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems at the start of the race.

Valsecchi to drive for Lotus in first practice

Davide Valsecchi will participate in an F1 race weekend for the first time on Friday.

FIA to create ‘electric F1′

In the round-up: A new series for electric cars, “Senna” in the US, first-lap chaos in the Le Mans Series and more.

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