Mark Webber, Red Bull, Sepang, 2011

Red Bull to decide on using KERS in Malaysia

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Red Bull’s Christian Horner says the team will decide whether to use KERS in Malaysia after Friday practice.


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Malaysian GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Christian Horner: “In Australia we ran the system on the Friday. We felt that there was a potential reliability risk and the benefit of KERS in Australia is arguably less than [at] other venues, so we decided not to take that risk and remove the system from both cars on Friday evening, with a view to running the system here again, which we?ve done today. The system has run well and obviously reliably, so a decision will be made on it no doubt later this evening. ”

Ferrari can be F1 champions this year – Fernando Alonso (BBC)

“In Australia we were not as quick as we expected – but there are 18 races ahead of us. We are Ferrari. People expect a lot of us, it’s good motivation but also extra pressure.”

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“Both McLarens, Ferraris, Saubers, Toro Rossos plus D’Ambrosio will use new engines for the rest of the weekend.”

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Mercedes-Benz “Decisions” Commercial (YouTube)

Car over a guy (YouTube)

Marshals accidentally ran over one of their colleagues while recovering Vitantonio Liuzzi’s HRT during second practice.

Nick Heidfeld on the Malaysia Grand Prix

Unusual video preview from Renault.

Q&A with Force India’s Paul di Resta (

“The tyres don?t last as long as they did in Melbourne so a lot will depend on the strategy on Sunday. I think places can be won or lost in the pits this weekend.”

Degradation set to create Sepang thriller (Autosport)

Paul Hembery of Pirelli: “The gap between the compounds is one second, up to 1.2 seconds ?ǣ which is good actually. That will lead to the qualifying question ?ǣ and there is definitely a choice to be made now. Maybe Red Bull might have a different strategy because they can think in a different way, but I think everyone else would have to qualify on the soft.”

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Comment of the day

Icthyes on the strange and seemingly arbitrary reasoning behind the 107% rule:

The best thing about it is that for the race there?s effectively a 111% rule ?ǣ i.e. if you don?t finish 90% of the leader?s laps before the race is over you?re not classified.

So inherent in the rules is the notion that you can be fast enough to race but not to qualify! Given that the difference in qualifying pace is nearly always smaller in the race it seems especially ridiculous.

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An interesting thread on passes for the lead.

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