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Rate the race: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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175 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. DRS robbed use of 5 great battles that I noted, would of been much better without it.
    Tyres seem to be a massive factor this season as we thought they would be. Too many tyre stops. Not as good as OZ.

    1. couldn’t agree more

  2. Gave it a 9. Could have been 10 if we’d had some battles for p1

  3. It’s a bit hard to judge this one. It wasn’t the thriller we were expecting, but there was still plenty of overtaking (Petrov taking Kobayashi in turn 13 was my favourite). I’m going with 7.5/10, and rounding up to an 8.

    1. Hmmm, can’t agree with that assessment. More like 7.29 rounded up to 7.666666 recurring. Far more accurate.

  4. 8/10. we’re probably going to see a Vettel “Schumi-style” domination this year, but behind him there’s a lot of struggle. Today we’ve seen some good overtaking (also without DRS) and the big question mark of tyres is making races more exciting. I just hope the Cavallino can come back, this car is really bad in qualifying but pretty good on race distance.

  5. 8. The fact we didn’t need rain says it all.

    1. Very, very good spot Steph!

      1. Thank you Alex! :)

  6. 9/10, only because Vettel was never really challenged.

    What i must point is: There was no odd action, no real crashes, no rain, no major events and the race was a thriller from start to finish with the order at the front changing every 5 laps. Gotta love 2011 regulations.

  7. Time for Hamilton to sign a contract with redbull. I don’t know who decides the stategys at mclaren but he needs sacking asap. Hamilton was catching vettel at the end of the first stint so why the hell bring him in first?? He then gets stuck behind petrov and vettel pits and comes out about 5 secs in front. I was fuming but then I thought oh no wait mclaren are geniuses they’ve put hards on Lewis till the end. Vettel put on softs meaning vettel has to stop again for the hards. Vettel pulled away yo about 8.secs but needed to pull a pitstop on front which in no way in hell he was going to do. Lewis was maintaining his gap to button who was on softs and needed to stop again. Then out of my astonishment d.c announces that Lewis is stopping again for another set of hards!!

    1. Mind-blowing strategy calls by McLaren today thats for sure. Had no idea what their thought process was.

      1. Whitmarsh needs to go, they go out of there way to hamper lewis

        1. Button was second, Lewis had not the incident happened with Alonso would have been a bit the points.

          I think McLaren did well to get a driver up to 2nd.

          Don’t really blame Mclaren for that one. I’m sure Lewis made the call for the primes.

    2. yup strange strategy

  8. UKfanatic (@)
    10th April 2011, 11:08

    like in 2009 we saw battle overtaking etc but we also saw the leader crusing. The problem with this race was the tyres, they drop off which is good but maybe they are also too good in the beggining we saw too much of fresh tyre againt very worn overtakes, which were just planned overtakes cause of different stages of the race, the DRS isn’t working ok, probably FIA fault Alonso could have overtake Hamilton twice on the straight, Webber had DRS problems aswell. In the end what made this race not a 10 was the fact that Hamilton, Alonso Heidfeld lost alot of time in the pits right when they were gaining time to Vettel.

  9. 7/10.

    It was a good, solid race. Some exciting battles all over the place, although it would be nice if there was a fight for the first place.

    Negatives? Well, some passes didn’t feel quite right with the DRS. I don’t find this solution very exciting. Also, there were too many pit stops. For my tastes 2-3 pit stops per race is ideal, maybe even with the possibility of one stop for some brave teams. When it’s not raining four stops is just too much. On top of that, I think that the tyres leave way too much marbles on the track, which makes overtaking harder.

  10. cant believe this race is being rated so highly, being watching f1 for 20 years now and thought this was the worst one since bahrain last year!

    Formula 1 should be a flat out sprint to the finish not drivers conserving their tyres all race long, this grand prix was contrived by poor pirelli tyres. Any more than 2 pitstops is too much

    1. I’ve been watching it a bit longer. It’s not like it used to be but I look at and rate it according to the rules of the day.

      We’re never going back to the real freedom of garage engineering in F1 but, somehow, it’s still F1 after all these years.

      I thought it was a great race.

  11. I rate it 8/10. Mainly because there was no battle for the lead.

    It is a pity that Kubica is not out there. Because honestly I am getting bored of seeing Vettel’s finger and listening to his philosophical crap on the radio. I even prefer HAM winning

    I hope Ferrari reacts and gets closer the the RBR’s in quali.

  12. Adrian Morse
    10th April 2011, 11:25

    8/10, even though as a Hamilton fan this race left me in a sour mood.

    What baffled me about this race was not so much Hamilton’s strange strategy, although especially with the benefit of hindsight that the race was about 6 laps too long for him, his early stops turned out pretty badly, but that Hamilton seemed to have no pace on the hards whatsoever. After the stop that saw him lose position to Button, for instance, it wasn’t like he was putting in a string of fast laps that ate up the tyres. He was immediately slower than Button, and unable to put any distance between himself and Webber, who had much older tyres. And still his tyres went away earlier than anyone else’s.

    Finally, it’s strange that at the end of the race, on presumably newish tyres, we didn’t see him producing a fast lap; yesterday in qualifying we saw him doing 1m37s on the hard tyre, but in the last 3 laps of the race he didn’t manage to go below 1m40s.

    1. I could not agree with you more. I dont know what the hell happened to the pace of the car after the hards came on

      1. The pace of the car was off even on the softs. Something strange happened to the McLarens (Lewis’ in particular) after qualifying yesterday. His pace just went ‘off a cliff’!

    2. Watching Button in the Red Button, it might have been a bit of a difference between them in how they went at tuning in to the tyres. Button was unhappy in his first stint (he went too overseary in setup) and had the front wing adapted at each stop to get better and better.

  13. I’d say it was 8/10. It would have been nice to see a genuine fight for the lead but Vettel was hugely impressive.

    But seeing Kobayashi in dog fight after dog fight, seeing Alonso and Hamilton duel, seeing Di Resta pick up another point and beat Sutil – made for a great race in my books.

    There were great overtakes for almost every position behind 1st.

    Just hope Petrov hasn’t hurt his back with his aerobatic display. Not sensible to gun it off the kerb!

  14. 9/10 not a 10 because as many have said, there was really no challenge for the lead but the rest of the race was about as good as it gets, lots of overtaking, lots of drama, good challenges for 2,3,4,5. All in all a very good race.

    Also, I also would like to add my wishes to the fact that Petrov didn’t injure himself too badly during his crash.

  15. Great race! So much to say…don’t know where to start. I was really expecting rain here and without it the race didn’t disappoint.

    I hope that was a blip from Petrov and he’s not back to 2010 ways, pretty confident he won’t be though, he had a good weekend up to that point and another fantastic start. Just a little giddy to get back on the throttle.

  16. 7/10
    On the plus side, we have seen how important it is to get the strategies right this year as the performance drop-off of the soft tires was pretty steep from some point onwards. DRS and KERS really made a difference both in keeping the show high and in the drivers being more alert about these systems. (It seemed to me all the radio conversations between the teams and drivers were about KERS and DRS).
    But on the downside we have tyres that intentionally degrade, electronics that are meant to increase the show and drivers trying to strike balance between speed and tyre longevity. On a personal note, I sort of miss the lets-see-who-is-faster days with no strings attached. But a good race overall

  17. I gave it 8/10. The race would have been better without the DRS and a few less pitstops. The DRS just makes battles for position too short, they’re done and dusted within a straight rather than over a lap or two. And I think 3-4 pitstops per race is too many. Too much trying to conserve tyres. I think 2-3 is better, it would allow the drivers to push the tyres a bit more.

  18. Renaults are amazing off the line. Webber had a good race except fot the first 500m…Great to see a Red Bull charging through the field rather then doing a parade lap out in front. Kudos to Vet for the win, but i want to see him come from mid pack and actually have to fight for a race.

  19. 8/10.
    It was a good race only really lacking in a real challenge for Vettel.

    There were lots of battles right down to the midfield which were good, a range of stratergies including 2, 3 and 4 stops. There were a few surprises too which was good. The DRS also seemed to help overtaking without making it inevitable.

    It could have been better if there had been a real challenge to Vettel, with the lead changing hands and uncertainty who’d win.

  20. 5/10 – poor tyres and too many pitstops made for contrived racing instead of drivers battling flat out.

    geek fact for you all, apart from the start at Malaysia last year Sebastien Vettel hasnt passed a single car in any of the 12 wins so far in his career

    1. As much as I dislike Vettel and the boring races he wins, he did pass Button last race in Australia. It just wasn’t for first at the time.

      1. Erm he overtook massa.

        Heres another geek fact for you as well mild7nick.

        Lewis has never won the world title with Alonso in a title contending car.

        1. what kind of fact is that!!!

    2. Sutil in Silverstone last year. Granted, it was a bit of a last-minute dive’n barge, but he got past and he didn’t go off-track to make the pass even.

      1. Ah, and of course, he didn’t win that race either :)

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