Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Malaysian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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175 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Orishas77 (@)
    10th April 2011, 11:46

    I went for 8/10
    Better race than Melbourne.
    Lots of fighting, of overtaking and unpredictable result until last lap ! It’s been some time !
    Of course no fight for 1st place, but it might have gotten interesting if Alonso had succeeded in his move on Hamilton.
    Alonso was the big surprise for me after poor performance until sunday.
    Makes China race look promising !

  2. Orishas77 (@)
    10th April 2011, 11:47

    I went for 8/10
    Better race than Melbourne.
    Lots of fighting, of overtaking and unpredictable result until last lap ! It’s been some time !
    Of course no fight for 1st place, but it might have gotten interesting if Alonso had succeeded in his move on Hamilton.
    Alonso was the big surprise for me after poor performance until sunday.
    Renault drivers also did great after almost no miles on Friday ! That got me totally wrong with my predictions
    Makes China race look promising !

  3. Very exciting race, always something happening, but not a great one – too much fumbling around: I’d score it 8. It underlined the opportunities available at the front this year – apart from Vettel – around 6 others had a chance of tasting champagne. And in Vettel’s case he was fortunate Heidfeld got behind him and in front of the McLarens (and Ferraris) or he would have had a real race on his hands, and perhaps then it would have been a ‘great’ race. The impact of KERS was clearly demonstrated at the start by the way Webber went backwards! But I remain puzzled – why is a device that is supposed to be charged by energy recovery from the car in motion during the race allowed to be used at the start when clearly no energy recovery has yet taken place.

  4. An 8 is as high as it gets for me when there’s no real battle for first place. I rated Melbourne a 7 so it’s going well so far for 2011.

  5. apologies lachie, you are correct!

    it would be nice to see him have to fight for a win though wouldnt it, just wish mclaren would walk the walk before talking the talk.

  6. I’m seriously wondering why so many people rate this race as exciting… There was barely racing, it was just strategy. The overtakes were just actions as a result where the drivers were in terms of the tires.

    I think the Pirelli era won’t do the racers any good, but rather the right strategy and smooth drivers. I’d like to see real racing; one set of tires and the drivers going flat out, rather than preserving the tires.

    1. couldnt agree more! it was the most contrived grand prix i can remember

  7. In my opinion F1 don’t need DRS. It makes overtaking too easy. For example then Fernando’s DRS failed we saw very interesting battle beetween him and LH, but if his DRS would worked Fernondo had simply overtaken Hamilton on the straight and there won’t be any good fight. So DRS takes away real racing from formula and that is very very bad.

  8. John Cousins
    10th April 2011, 12:26

    Webber for drive of the day.
    Best move of the day… Webber on Massa.

  9. 9/10. Pretty entertaining for a dry Malaysian race. Great battles, great comebacks, many race dramas, loads of surprises… only lack any serious challenge on Vettel. May have been better if the rain was heavier during the race “as advertised”.

  10. Cluffy_Wedge
    10th April 2011, 13:08

    8/10. It was certainly super eventful, but Vettel started in the lead and never really got challenged for it. I wanted to see more of Schumacher and Kobayashi tearing each other up, and less of Vettel lapping on his own.

  11. Not a bad race, shame about the incompetence of the FIA though. As Mr Ecclestone said they are indeed a joke.

  12. 8/10. 9 out of tens are reserved for execptionally good races. 10 out of 10s never happen.

  13. was an 8, now a 5 because of the stewards.

  14. I really enjoyed the race for the most part, although there were some problems.

    First, as I said in the live-blog, I love those fast starts from behind the Renaults did again, but I really hate the effect they have on the race-result: basically, they aren’t good enough starts to get to first, so Vettel just zooms off, while behind him everyone is bottled up, setting him up for an easy win (whatever the BBC waffles on about how his KERS wasn’t usable and how hard it was on him – ask Webber, or maybe the two Mercedes drivers how easy it was instead!). Again.

    But behind Vettel it was really nice, lots of action, fights and great racing, altough I worry a bit that the DRS might have been a bit too much here; maybe they need to make the zone a bit shorter again.

    So, that was then 8/10. Since I had guests, I only now got to rate the race, and just read about the penalties for Alonso and Hamilton. I ended up taking a point per stupid penalty off, as I find that it really harms my enjoyment of watching the recorded race from Dutch tv.

    I really dislike penalties after a race and feel they should be limited to the absolute worse situations only, not to a borderline (well, I guess according to the stewards at least) race-incident as this. And even then, for dangerous driving, maybe apply a grid penalty at the next race instead of those hugely out-of-proportion time penalties (20s is an awfull lot if you can’t do anything about it because it is after you raced).

    What effect are those penalties supposed to have on the two drivers? Alonso is already aware that without it he would likely have had a podium, really, he wished it hadn’t happened. Hamilton had a lousy second half of the race to end up there in danger of being passed by Alonso, and all it did was make sure he would have a bad result. The loss of another position and point won’t make him feel that more either. Will any driver be deterred from the penalties? I really doubt it, making them entirely pointless, but very frustrating for viewers.

    Pff. Sorry for the rant :)

  15. A fanatistic 8 bordering on a 9!! The tyres really showed their entertainment today!! Some great stories from the race. Lots of overtaking!!

  16. 7/10. It was a good race but not great… I want a battle for the lead. I thought we’d have a 4 way battle but Heidfeld stopped that in it’s tracks right at the start and it was another Vettel procession.

    There were some great battles back in the field though which were good to watch and took away from the bore-fest at the front.

    I would pay good money to not have Brundle say “LOOK AT THE GAP VETTEL HAS PULLED OUT ALREADY!!” on lap 2 next week.

  17. 9 – The whole race weekend was brilliant because of how close on pace the McLarens and Red Bulls were and how Ferrari had better pace on race day. Just a shame about the anticlimax at the end.

  18. Brilliant race – 10/10 from me

  19. 8 from me, it was a good race. Still reserving judgement on the DRS and tires, though. I’ll wait till one or two European races to finalize my thoughts on it, but it’s not disappointment at the moment, that’s for sure.

    Webber’s move on Massa was fantastic, definitely the pass of the race. Great comeback for him, but his troubles with maintaining the rubber are becoming rather obvious. This could be the key for Vettel dominating him throughout the season.

    Hamilton and Alonso scrap kept me on the edge of my seat, these two always mean business when they face each other on the track. Same feeling i had during Schumacher\Hakkinen battles.

    Shame that the director missed Schumacher\Di Resta battle totally. Or it was me?

    Also Kobayashi was bloody good to watch again. Lots of very close and competitive racing with top boys and not a single foolish move or stupid risk, just pure skills. He’s maturing, really looking forward to see more of him this year.

    Nico Rosberg was totally lost, for some reason. I think Schumacher was overdriving that Mercedes a bit, which lead to fast degradation, but nevertheless i enjoyed watching him today, he still has it, no doubt about that.

    In some sense Renault lightning start ruined the race, but hey, they were always good in that respect. Hamilton should have known better to watch his mirrors rather than trying to do impossible and have Vettel at the first corner.

  20. I can’t believe peoples objection to the tires degrading. The best era of F1 people keep referring to required good tyre management bringing the car home (skill set of a good driver, being fast and looking after the car when required. I never seen this race but people mention it as a great battle. Monaco where Mansell on fresh tyres after a spin chasing Senna down who was trying to bring the car home on badly worn tyres.

    I would give the race a 7, a battle for the lead would have improved things but Hiefield getting ahead of Hamilton at the start allowed Vettel to get away

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