Hamilton and Alonso handed penalties

2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Sepang, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Sepang, 2011

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have both received 20-second penalties following their collision during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Hamilton was penalised for making more than one move to defend his position. Alonso’s penalty was for making contact with the McLaren driver.

Alonso’s finishing position is unaffected by the penalty, but Hamilton drops from seventh to eighth.

Kamui Kobayashi inherits seventh position.

As these are time penalties imposed by the stewards, McLaren and Ferrari are unlikely to be allowed to appeal the decisions.

The text of the stewards’ decisions are as follows:

Facts: The Driver of car 3 made more than one change of direction to defend a position
Offence: Breach of Article 20.2 of the 2011 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations
Penalty: Drive through penalty, imposed after the race in accordance with Article 16.3 (20 seconds added to elapsed time).
Stewards’ decision 51 (Lewis Hamilton)

Fact: Caused a collision with car 3.
Offence: Involved in an incident as defined by Article 16.1 of the 2011 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations
Penalty: Drive through penalty, imposed after the race in accordance with Article 16.3 (20 seconds added to elapsed time).
Stewards’ decision 52 (Fernando Alonso)

Did Hamilton and Alonso deserve their Malaysian Grand Prix penalties?

  • Hamilton deserved a penalty (17%)
  • Alonso deserved a penalty (12%)
  • Both Hamilton and Alonso deserved a penalty (7%)
  • Neither deserved a penalty (63%)

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Updated race results and points:

2011 Malaysian Grand Prix

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427 comments on Hamilton and Alonso handed penalties

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  1. PatrickL said on 11th April 2011, 12:14

    The penalty is for blocking while defending. Hamilton wasn’t defending his position since Alonso was still way back.

    This rule is meant to be applied in the breakibng zone. Not during an entire straight.

  2. JasonS said on 11th April 2011, 12:30

    I would really like to know what the definition of weaving is because from what I saw Hamilton did nothing compared to Vettel at the start!

    The inconsistency is a joke!! And if they start giving 20 sec penalties for what Alonso did no one will go for an overtake!

    FIA need to start doing post race analysis on themselves!

  3. The Limit said on 11th April 2011, 13:06

    It was the wrong decision. David Coulthard in the clip was right, Alonso’s car understeers causing the collision. Hamilton, just prior to the Ferrari making contact with him, holds his line but I could not see him weaving across the track. For me, it was a racing incident which punished both drivers enough without them getting penalties.
    The most important aspect here though, is that both Hamilton and Alonso have lost massive ground to Vettel. He is the man they need to catch, and beat, if they want the championship.

  4. Robbie (@robbie) said on 11th April 2011, 14:47

    Couldn’t sit and read all 400 plus responses to this but as a general comment I would say that during the race making more than one move to defend is considered an infraction, but weaving and chopping at the start has been deemed ‘legal’ by the FIA’s own ignoring of it in the MS/Ferrari era with MS being the master of it…at one point there was an outcry of protest(I’m talking late 90’s) regarding MS’s behaviour but he continually did it and got away with it, thus setting the precedent…

    In other words, the FIA deems the weave and chop acceptable off the starting line heading into the first corner, but after that, only one move allowed, theoretically…

    I guess if anything I have to wonder how FA got a penalty if in fact LH was doing the unfair defending…if LH is guilty of more than one move to defend, is it not he then that caused FA to hit him?

    I don’t see how FA deserves a penalty if the guy in front of him was doing something illegal…kind of like if my store is robbed do I deserve jail time alongside the robber for being a victim of an illegal act?

  5. PJA (@pja) said on 11th April 2011, 18:06

    I was surprised either driver got a penalty to be honest.

    Alonso only hurt his own race when he hit Hamilton so I thought he wouldn’t be punished for that reason, even if the stewards thought it wasn’t a racing incident.

    As for Hamilton I haven’t managed to see the actual video, I watched the BBC race re-run when I found out about the penalties but they didn’t show footage of Hamilton weaving and the link from this site is no longer available, if they punish drivers for blocking they should at least make sure the footage is available for the fans to see.

    If he did move twice while defending then I don’t think there can be any complaints because of the new rules, but then why did Vettel not get at least a warning for his moves at the start or Massa get a warning for his defending against Button in Australia.

    I think the FIA should clarify the rules in cases like this and make it clear what Hamilton was punished for, and say why it is different to similar instances of blocking which were not punished.

  6. HounslowBusGarage said on 11th April 2011, 18:29

    I replied to someone’s post on page 12 of theses comments. His post wasn’t contentious and neither was mine, but both have been removed.

  7. Nick said on 13th April 2011, 19:12

    Copy/Paste above comment into Microsoft Word, Print, then blow nose on printed document.

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