Austin F1 Track Map 3D

Austin F1 track named ‘Circuit of the Americas’

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Austin F1 Track Map 3D
Austin F1 Track Map 3D

Organisers of the 2012 United States Grand Prix have named their track the ‘Circuit of the Americas’.

Red McCombs, one of the businessmen who has invested in the circuit in Austin, Texas, said: “One of the most inviting aspects of the name is the word ‘Americas’.

“It reflects Austin?s ideal location at the crossroads of North America from north to south, east to west. Also, it speaks to our state as a centre of commerce and cultural exchange in this hemisphere. I look forward to meeting many fans and visitors who will be coming from every country.”

There has been no American driver in Formula 1 since Scott Speed left the sport in 2007. However the presence of Mexican Sergio Perez may help attract foreign fans.

The track will be able to accommodate up to 120,000 spectators and will also host the 2013 round of the Moto GP championship.

A website for the circuit has been launched at

2012 United States Grand Prix

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  1. Immediate thought was…. looks like the Roller Coaster in Stunt Car Racer by Sir Crammond ;-)

  2. I think they should cut out the stadium “mickey-mouse” section and join corners 12 and 15 with a swooping left hander.

    1. My thoughts exactly teeb123, I am sure for other series this will be possible, but I’d love to see them do it for F1. I’d even take out turn 7 and have 6 just go straight into 8 making another long curve. That would make it much more like the flowing high speed circuits of the past.

      Otherwise I am fairly pleased with the circuit, good turns and nice elevation change should make things interesting.

  3. jose arellano
    13th April 2011, 5:08

    “…the presence of Mexican Sergio Perez may help attract foreign fans…”

    you dont have a clue!, the place is going to be absolutely filled of Mexicans.

    1. Yes it is!! :)

  4. Any reason why its anticlockwise?….Apart from cant get enough of that turning left..joking x-)

    1. It seems to be a geography thing. One of the big things the organisers wanted in the first drafts of the circuit was as long and steep a climb into the first turn as they could manage. The placing of the first turn dictated a lot about the direction of racing.

      And only half the corners are actually left-handers.

  5. 1st. Being a Tilke circuit chances are it’ll bring NOTHING new or exciting to the sport. I just hope he listens to RACERS not to Bernie or NFS designers.

    2nd. Sorry guys! But calling it the “Circuit of the Americas” has a terrible and negative historical connotation for the rest of the continent. Goes back to the Monroe Doctrine: “America for the Americans” the exact same phrase that nourishes the resentment most Latin American cultures have against the US.

    3rd. Where’s the attendance? Americans hardly watch F1 and if so, they don’t live in Southern US. Looking for foreign tourism? Canada hosts one of the best Races of the year in Montreal and Mexico will soon have a street circuit in Guadalajara. Brazil has another historical Grand Prix. Betcha whatever that South Americans would rather travel to Interlagos in Sao Paolo to watch the closing race of the season than to Austin. Especially when having to deal with long visa application forms, US Immigration, anti-terrorism measures. etc…

    The circuit looks nice, I am sure it could be interesting, but as someone said: “Another Circuit Fantasy.” More than half of the new it-is-a-fact circuit extravaganzas made in the last 5-10 years, never became reality.


    1. Sorry I meant long visa application LINES, not forms. It may take days to get to a “travel visa hearing”.

    2. Sorry pal…I believe that Tennessee is in the south and WE watch!!!!

  6. Austin is getting Moto GP? Is Indianapolis losing its race, or are they adding another on the schedule?

    1. They are adding it to the schedule DC.

  7. Will be just great to see a sign board with “Circuit of the Americas …No tickets to illegal immigrants”

  8. I have high hopes for this project. Don’t care what they call it, only that it silences the naysayers and provides great racing down there in Texas. I am gonna be ordering My tickets in the coming weeks, and will be traveling to Austin by Motorcoach. Say what You like Haters of all things American, this is special… Ive been a die-hard supporter since the seventies, when Andretti was winning and Sir Jackie was all over TV advertising. USF1 debacle aside, We ( Americans) will host a great GP. Also, Perez will definitely excite in Texas. Like California where I’m from, there’s a huge Mexican population there.

    1. Agree with you Malibu_GP…I hope to see this track and race happen just as I was thrilled to see our Canadian GP put back on the sched after Bernie backed down from his astronomical financial demands and guarantees from the Provincial and Federal Government that he would get his money first and foremost…I think it is important that F1 be in the USA, it is such a huge market, so I hope BE’s financial demands are reasonable toward Texas for the right to field an F1 race, and fully expect BE not to make money a barrier for this very important market…

      I understand fully that the States has it’s own racing series’, and especially without an American driver in F1 that makes it hard for Americans to appreciate F1, but many many do anyway…and many come from all corners of the earth for any GP, no matter where it is…

      I’m sure there will be lots of Canadians thrilled to have another F1 race within a short flight’s distance, and will attend with enthusiasm…

  9. I’m not in love with the name, but at least it didn’t wind up being “Race City USA”, as was rumored. That would have been truly embarassing.

  10. ‘Circuit of the Americas’ , embarrassing name to say the least. Everyone knows that the circuit is in America. Why be fag about it .

    1. Riiiiight…

  11. Track looks good. It has the olde time feel of a long track going somewhere with interesting natural ideosyncracies. Maybe like the original Spa or Imola.

    The name is absurd. And the explanation of the name is too confused to even bother figuring out what part of the Western Hemishphere it is supposed to represent. But, hey, we talking about it, so win for the investors.

  12. I have no reason to dislike this circuit. Though (like many) I do feel tempted to connect Turns 12 and 15, and to a lesser extent, turns 6 and 8.

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