Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2011

2011 Chinese Grand Prix Thursday pictures

F1 picturePosted on Author Keith Collantine

Pictures from the paddock as the Chinese Grand Prix weekend begins in Shanghai.

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Images ?? Renault/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Daimler

31 comments on “2011 Chinese Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

      1. Been here for a month now and it has only rained once so far.
        That could be either a bad or a good sign, I suppose.
        The sky over Shanghai has been very clear that last few days also.
        Again, that could either be a good or bad sign, as it may hold, or it may have been saving up a huge downpour!!

  1. Can’t get much more of a contrast than between the two Vettel pics right at the top.

    “This is face if I lose”
    “This is face if I win”

        1. They look silver to me. Makes sense aswell, Pirelli were running out of gold because they didn’t plan on using so much. To make sure they didn’t end up in having not enough paint to do all the lettering, they have switched to the silver prime paint for the outline of some of the option tires. It equalls out the paint usage of the two colours.

    1. [Bad humour] Oh, these folks all look the same to me [Bad humour/]

      It’s weird that he would actually sign it AND be quite positive about it. I believe it would be different had it been a Seb Vettel picture!

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