2011 Chinese Grand Prix Thursday pictures

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Pictures from the paddock as the Chinese Grand Prix weekend begins in Shanghai.

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Images ?? Renault/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Daimler

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31 comments on 2011 Chinese Grand Prix Thursday pictures

  1. Going to be at the circuit for Saturday and Sunday… Can’t wait. :)

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 14th April 2011, 16:08

      You might get wet, if you don’t mind!

      • Been here for a month now and it has only rained once so far.
        That could be either a bad or a good sign, I suppose.
        The sky over Shanghai has been very clear that last few days also.
        Again, that could either be a good or bad sign, as it may hold, or it may have been saving up a huge downpour!!

  2. McLarenFanJamm said on 14th April 2011, 15:47

    Can’t get much more of a contrast than between the two Vettel pics right at the top.

    “This is face if I lose”
    “This is face if I win”

  3. Herheijm (@herheijm) said on 14th April 2011, 15:51

    Pirelli have changed the markings again… Logo’s are now yellow on the option as well..

  4. Rob Wilson (@rob-wilson) said on 14th April 2011, 15:56

    White stripes on the softer compound tyre? Much better :) Right just keep it like that now pirelli, jobs a good’n.

  5. RIISE (@riise) said on 14th April 2011, 16:07


    Someone didn’t floss, look at the green stuff in between his teeth.

  6. Zadak (@thezadak) said on 14th April 2011, 16:57

    hope they weren’t mistaking Mark Webber for Micheal Schumacher there, getting him to sign all that stuff.

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 15th April 2011, 7:10

    Faaaaantastic first image of Seb Vettel, grumpy!

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