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Teams consider changes to 2013 engine rules

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In the round-up: The switch to four-cylinder engines in 2013 agreed last year could be revised.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Power play over new F1 rules (BBC)

“Insiders say that, realistically, any decision will have to be made by the end of the summer. Any longer than that, and any objections will be academic – enough money will have been spent on the new engines that they might as well be adopted. So if Ecclestone and Ferrari are going to spike the 2013 engine rules, they are going to have to get on with it.”

Boullier: 2013 engine debate open (Autosport)

“We all signed this agreement in Singapore so that means at one stage we agreed on something. So we have to get back to the basis of this agreement and push back to finalise it. I am quite confident we will be able to find something.”

Doctor gives his view on Kubica?s chances of F1 comeback (James Allen)

“Remember that the biggest injuries were with the nerves, which have long lead times to heal: at least six months. But we already have encouraging signs of recovery. I think a first time to take stock of the recovery has to be done six months after the accident.”

McLaren and the Libyan dictator… Gaddafi link to British F1 team (Daily Mail)

“A McLaren spokesman said: ‘We explored this with [Alex] Waters, and emailed him computer- rendered illustrations of what a McLaren car might look like if such a sponsorship were to come into being, but no meetings between any personnel from McLaren and any personnel from the consortium from Libya ever took place and the deal therefore never reached square one.'”

Bernie Ecclestone and FIA in dispute over Bahrain Grand Prix (Daily Telegraph)

“As far as we are concerned a decision is still due on Sunday. Because it’s a weekend it may be Monday morning that we announce the decision, but we haven’t spoken to Mr Ecclestone about any delay. The decision will be a joint one between the FIA, [Ecclestone?s] Formula One Management and the Bahrain authorities.”

Schumacher plans to fulfil contract (ESPN)

“[Admittedly] 42 [years old] is not the same as 25…I will fulfil my three year contract with Mercedes and afterwards work as a representative of the brand.”

Ecclestone offers hope to Bahrain, Turkey (Reuters)

“I think Turkey is a bloody good circuit. All the facilities there are good, everything is good except we don’t have a big crowd. I would be disappointed if we lose it but we can’t keep subsidising it.”

Caterham F1 ?ǣ Nothing New (The Race Driver)

“As a former Caterham racer and owner of a ??genuine?? Caterham (a 1966 Lotus Super Seven) I feel bound to remind all our readers and viewers that Brausch Niemann started the 1962 Rand GP at the wheel of a Lotus Super Seven and, after 1hr 20min of racing, finished an amazing eleventh, only five laps behind the Lotus 25-Climax of the eventual winner, Jim Clark.”

Formula One Fantasy – Williams? Rubens Barrichello (F1)

“I am a fan of Lewis Hamilton and I would like to see Robert Kubica alongside him. I think that could be a great driver line-up.”

Buemi’s diary: A shift at the factory

“I think we were pleasantly surprised by the tyres, as we had expected some difficulties, but it actually seemed to work quite well on that front. Certainly the races were very exciting and I have to say that the DRS ?ǣ the moveable rear wing ?ǣ definitely worked better, or at least had more effect, than I had expected.”

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Nice to see drivers concerned about their fans. Good one Mark.

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Mika Hakkinen lost victory in the 2001 Spanish Grand Prix on the final lap.

The McLaren driver had over half a minute hand when he stopped with a broken clutch halfway around the final tour.

His misfortune handed victory to Michael Schumacher: