Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Sepang, 2011

Trulli “struggling a lot with power steering”

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In the round-up: Jarno Trulli says fixing his power steering problem should be Lotus’s priority.


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Trulli wants power steering fix (Autosport)

“I hope I can get this sorted soon. The team is working on this more than the aero updates, as it really is for me the main issue. I can’t feel the car; I can’t drive it. But once the power steering is fixed then I think I can give the team everything they want in terms of feedback.”

Where on earth is Brabham? (WA Today)

“According to Land Minister Brendon Grylls it’s the area between Murray Street and Lord Street in Perth’s east after the suburb was named after racing legend Sir Jack Brabham OBE today.”

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“If anyone wonders what F1 on Sky would be like, watch Versus’s coverage of the Indycar race. Occasional glimpses of the cars between ads.”

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Living History: April 27, 1975 ?ǣ The Day F1 Politics First Defeated Safety (The Race Driver)

“‘It?s as if a gun has been pointed to our heads,’ said the World Champion. ‘Nothing ?ǣ money, contracts, racing ?ǣ nothing is more important than safety. I believe the track is not safe for racing and I hope that the stand I am making now will in some way help safety in the future.'”

Bruno Senna on Twitter

“Check out the video I made with my phone (yes… again the phone) from inside the car!”

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Speed TV?s Varsha on Austin, broadcasting and the current F1 season (Austin-American Statesman)

“We put our own graphics on it, we put some replays and that sort of thing. But we are typically not supposed to do anything from the time the cars line up on the grid until the podium ceremony is over. So the idea of side-by-side action during commercial breaks is not something that Formula One is allowing us to do.”

Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter

“25 years since rally driver Henri Toivonen’s death today, I reckon he would have dominated the rally world for many years, super talent.”

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Thanks but no thanks (ESPN)

“The Bahrain authorities are the very people who cannot be trusted to make an impartial decision. It is politically important for them to try to show the world calm and normality has returned, even if that is untrue. It is worth noting the only other messages that things are hunky-dory come from those with a vested interest for that to be so.”

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Comment of the day

It’s not hard to see Felipe Massa being edged out of Ferrari soon – but it’s a lot harder to see who they might replace him with, as Prisoner Monkeys explains:

If Massa leaves and there is another vacancy on the market ?ǣ like Webber?s Red Bull seat ?ǣ other drivers may be unwilling to walk into a team knowing they?ll be second fiddle to Alonso from day one.

That means Ferrari may be forced to do a McLaren circa 2008 and take the best driver available once all their first choices are gone, which means taking an inexperienced driver and compromising their constructors’ championship campaigns.

They got caught with their pants down when they didn?t establish a young driver program until very recently, and they won?t put a rookie in the car without first running him through a customer team like Sauber. That could very well leave them in no-man?s land next year.
Prisoner Monkeys

From the forum

Trunky is looking for some F1 gift ideas.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to J.Danzig!

On this day in F1

The first ever San Marino Grand Prix was held 30 years ago today. As was the case throughout the 26-year history of the race it wasn’t held in the tiny principality, but at the nearby Italian circuit Imola.

Didier Pironi led the race for Ferrari early on but Nelson Piquet passed him to win for Brabham: