Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Istanbul, 2010

FIA confirms DRS zone details for Istanbul

2011 Turkish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Istanbul, 2010
Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Istanbul, 2010

The FIA has set the zone for the Drag Reduction System for the Turkish Grand Prix.

Drivers will be able to activate their systems in the race from shortly before turn 11. The systems will remain open until they reach the braking zone for turn 12.

Significantly, the FIA have again not given drivers the full length of the longest straight on the track to use the devices, in a bid to keep it from making overtaking too easy.

The DRS detection point will be in the braking zone for turn nine (click to enlarge):

DRS zone for the Turkish Grand Prix
DRS zone for the Turkish Grand Prix

As usual, drivers will have free use of the system in practice and qualifying.

What do you think of DRS? Vote here: Drag Reduction Systems: Your verdict

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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  1. The DRS zone in China was perfect, it wasn’t too short and it also meant the drivers had to actually finish the pass in the hairpin.

    1. It also challenged the teams on their gear ratios, we saw the Red Bulls struggling a bit at times, needing to get back into the slipstream (funnily enough against the Renaults, no problem with the engine there then!).

  2. Eh?? This is the most obvious place to have the DRS and i wasnt expect it anywhere else, why would they select anywhere else? I also think its deceptive and not actaully that short. Im expecting to see quite a bit more overtaking into the last complex of corners. Thats still quite a bit of a run they have when the DRS gets activated.

    @ Mike, im sorry but thats a silly comment. The Webber Vettel incident could happen anywhere. Its the drivers that caused it not the straight. You might as well ban overtaking if you think like that.

  3. Looking at the current weather forecast for Turkey, I would imagine that the DRS will be disabled for most of the weekend anyway!

  4. It’s all relative. All the drivers are subject to that.

  5. Favoritism towards Vettel right here! With DRS last year he would have just flown by!

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