Timo Glock, Virgin, Shanghai, 2011

Virgin promise “new direction” with Turkey upgrades

2011 Turkish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Timo Glock, Virgin, Shanghai, 2011
Timo Glock, Virgin, Shanghai, 2011

Virgin team principal John Booth says the team’s upgrade package for Turkey is “significant to say the least”.

Booth said: “By our own admission it?s been a difficult start to the year, but we actually started doing something about that when we realised back in testing that we had not met our targets.

“We?ve been working hard behind the scenes since the middle of February and this weekend sees the culmination of all those efforts when we will be able to see just how much we can progress now.

“The extent of our upgrade package for the start of the European season is significant to say the least. Aerodynamically it?s a new direction for us and we?re hopeful that it will
help us start to turn the corner, although with such a major step it may take us some time to tune it to the race track.”

Booth said that only Timo Glock will have the full upgrade package for the next race:

Jerome [d’Ambrosio] will not have the benefit of the full upgrade package until Spain but he will get a taste of some of the elements this weekend.

“We are of course mindful of the fact that everyone should have taken a step forward ready for Europe so we will have to see how we?ve fared versus the rest of the field.”

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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