Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Korea, 2011

Hamilton and Alonso are best-paid sportsmen

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are the biggest earners in their home countries.


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Hamilton is England’s highest sports earner (ESPN)

“The 2008 world champion earned $18,473,684 [??11.1m] last year, as drivers made numerous appearances on the list for their respective countries.”

Williams sign ‘Spygate’ engineer Mike Coughlan as infighting escalates (The Guardian)

“In a conference call Parr told reporters: ‘Patrick has made it clear that he will be retiring this year. That’s nothing to do with the restructuring, it’s just the fact that he’s turning 65 and had already signalled that it’s time for him to move on to his next set of interests in life.’ But Head has since denied Parr’s claims, saying: ‘What you are telling me is news to me. I wasn’t aware that Adam had said that.'”

Formula One Grand Prix in Manama still on (Gulf News)

“Nada Ahmed Yaseen, acting assistant undersecretary for tourism of Bahrain, said: ‘It’s not cancelled, it’s only postponed. We will hear good news soon.'”

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Our Day at Duxford; Team Lotus and Caterham (YouTube)

The sharp-eyed will spot yours truly skulking around in the background, three-and-a-half minutes in…

Circuit of the Americas name an invitation to many nations, official says (Austin-American Statesman)

“We wanted a very international flavour to the brand and wanted it to feel like it?s an open invitation to Mexico, to Central and South America, and even Canada. The idea is to make it feel like it?s really everyone?s.”

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Comment of the day

James despairs for the future of Williams:

I think Williams’ days are numbered. For me, putting the team on the stock market was a desperate move to generate funding. They?re using a pay driver who isn’t particularly rated by many and a driver who is certainly close to the end of his career.

The age of the privateer is over. Tyrrell, Lotus (under Colin Chapman), Arrows and Jordan are prime examples. Peter Sauber has made it quite clear he would like to leave F1 soon and is trying to secure the future of the team. It?s a shame, but it?s how the sport is evolving.

Today, even with the Resource Restriction Agreement, it?s all about the money ?ǣ or lack of in some cases.

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Check out the F1 fan who has bought a 2007 Honda RA107 and is restoring it.

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On this day in F1

Tiff Needell made his only F1 start on this day in 1980.

You can read more about his brief F1 career in his new book, reviewed here last week:

The footage below is from Needell’s failed attempt to qualify for the next round of the championship at Monaco: