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Craig Pollock to head new F1 engine manufacturer

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In the round-up: former BAR team principal Craig Pollock will supply F1 engines in 2013.


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Pollock to return to F1 as engine supplier (Autosport)

“[Craig] Pollock has launched PURE, which stands for Propulsion Universelle et Recuperation d’Energie, to provide teams with power-units that comply with the new 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo engine regulations that come into force that year.”

Leading teams to meet for talks on potential takeover and Formula One’s future (Daily Telegraph)

“Representatives from Ferrari, McLaren , Mercedes and Red Bull are scheduled to meet in Stuttgart a week on Saturday to discuss a range of issues including negotiations over the new Concorde Agreement, various technical regulations including the planned switch to a new 1.6-litre turbo engine from 2013 and, of course, the potential takeover of the sport by a consortium including Rupert Murdoch?s News International and Exor, an investment firm with links to Ferrari.”

Ferrari stresses the need for stability and development in Formula 1 (Ferrari)

“We have no comment to make, partly because we are not directly involved at the moment. All we can do is repeat what has already been said so often in the past: Ferrari stresses the importance of ensuring the long term stability and development of Formula 1.”

Andrew Benson on Twitter

“Re Concorde [Agreement] and free-to-air, have dug up more. There are nuances in the relevant bits, but no doubt it is a requirement in major TV markets. But that is only until 2012 – no one knows what new Concorde will say as talks are only just beginning.”

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Williams seek to end cycle of decline (BBC)

“In the short to medium term, it is Coughlan who has been charged with turning the team’s fortunes around. The 52-year-old is to be considered for Michael’s soon-to-be-vacant role. And even if they ultimately appoint someone else as technical director, Coughlan is responsible for next year’s car and will clearly remain a key figure in the technical department for some years to come.”

F1’s biggest ?ǣ and lowest ?ǣ spenders (Crash)

“Defending double F1 world champions Red Bull as well as Sauber, Lotus and Virgin are all spending more in 2011 than they did in 2010.”

Dominic Harlow Q&A: ??We?re understanding the new rules of the game?? (Force India)

“Reliability seems to get better and better for everyone, doesn?t it? It?s what we want, but we shouldn?t be under any illusions. It?s always a close-run thing, as any incident could take you out of the race. Adrian had contact with Barrichello in Malaysia and Perez in China, and he might not have finished.”

Terry Fullerton Interview (Torque)

[On being described by Ayrton Senna as his greatest rival]: “Yeah that was in 1994 at a press conference, it was very flattering! I?ll hold on to that one, definitely, until I die. I actually know one of the journalists who were at that press conference and he repeated it word for word to me. He died that same year so that was only a couple of months before he died.”

Yas Marina Circuit Official Fan Page’s Photos – Wall Photos (Facebook)

“Etihad Airways and Yas Marina Circuit joined forces for the very first plane versus car bracket race in the UAE.”

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Comment of the day

Tim is concerned about the rise of one-make junior series:

The only problem with GP2 and GP3 as they currently are is that they?re single chassis formulas. The chassis mostly stays unchanged from year to year so part of the key to success is finding a berth in the team with the best handle on chassis set-up. If anything, F2 is worse because the cars are all the same and centrally run by a single organisation.

Getting a good feel for technical and set-up issues is important for up and coming drivers. That comes through best in open chassis series. In GP2, the chassis used by all drivers is generally a known quantity ?ǣ the only exception being when a new car is introduced, as in 2011. Dallara usually produces a very good chassis that works out of the box and then can?t be changed, meaning minimal opportunities for set-up or technical development. Then drivers who graduate often jump into an untried, untested F1 car ?ǣ and if they go badly is it them or the car?

From the forum

Here’s a great idea for a thread: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, F1 edition.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sush Meerkat!

On this day in F1

The third running of the British Racing Drivers’ Club International Trophy took place on this day in 1951.

The three-heat event held at Silverstone was won by Reg Parnell in a Ferrari 375.

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