Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Istanbul, 2011

Overtaking has become “too easy” – Petrov

2011 Turkish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Istanbul, 2011
Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Istanbul, 2011

Vitaly Petrov thinks the combination of rules changes in 2011 have made overtaking “too easy”.

Petrov says the FIA should shorten the zones in which drivers can use the Drag Reduction System in races.

Speaking in a press conference today he said: “I think we are moving in the right direction with the rear wing, it?s more exciting to watch racing and good for us, even in the last race I had so many overtaking manoeuvres.

“I think we are moving in the right way because with the DRS system, with this 700 [metre] straight or something, I think at every race this line will be shorter because at the moment it?s too easy to overtake.

“Sometimes it?s harder, it depends. I think the FIA will move this line so it?s a little bit shorter, so the car won?t just stay behind and overtake the car in front easier. I think it?s more exciting when you go in to the corner together and you can still fight under braking.”

Felipe Massa said the DRS was useful in a situation where two drivers were running on the same type of tyre:

“When you go out of the garage and you have new tyres and you find cars with old tyres in front of you, it?s definitely very easy but it?s because of the tyres, it?s because of the high degradation. I think when you are in a similar situation it?s not so easy, but the wing helps, you know?

“I don?t think it?s just the wing which makes overtaking possible, easier or not easier, it?s everything, together with the tyre degradation and everything: how the cars use the tyres; how the strategy works as well.

“I think it?s better for you guys. How many years have I heard people saying ??the good thing was the past, when Senna, Piquet, Mansell… it was really fun to see all these drivers race. They knew how to do it: Villeneuve, Arnoux.? It?s true.

“It was also different cars as well and I even heard some things like after China: ??ah, now Formula One is back to how it was before?. It?s important to see you guys happy as well, and I think for the fans it?s what we care about.”

Lewis Hamilton joked that Mark Webber had suggested overtaking had become too easy because “His car?s too fast!”

He added: “As Felipe was saying, I don?t personally feel it?s too easy to overtake. I had some great battles with people in the last race and it?s definitely just as hard but obviously when you have the opportunity to use the wing it makes it a little bit easy, but it allows you to get closer and really remain in close proximity to be able to attack in places.

“It aids overtaking but it doesn?t make it too easy, personally.”

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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  1. F1 is no longer only about the 1 to 1 battles between 2 drivers.

    The technology in F1 has become more complex and so has the source of the excitement.
    Strategy and tire management, combined with KERS and DRS create much more dynamic races than before.
    As a spectator, you need to process a lot more information than before to truly understand all that is going on.

    – Different strategies cause lots of “virtual” track positions.
    – Tires may wear faster or last longer than expected.
    – Will all pitstops calls be timed correctly?
    – Did a driver change strategy during the race?

    And then the random elements: Rosberg had to start conserving fuel. Webber qualifies only 18th. Button’s mistake in the pitlane. …

    While I understand how some people feel that overtaking itself has become too easy (still, far from every overtaking attempt is successful), F1 still offers a lot more excitement compared to previous seasons.
    If you don’t think that strategy and tire management are exciting, and you only care for true 1 to 1 battles on tracek, then F1 in it’s current form, is not the best race for you to watch.

    1. If you don’t think that strategy and tire management are exciting, and you only care for true 1 to 1 battles on tracek, then F1 in it’s current form, is not the best race for you to watch.

      so basically those who have supported f1 for many years (47 in my case) should be driven out of the sport?

      you could also arguse that those who constantly complained about what we had untill 2011 perhaps should have stopped complaining & gone to watch nascar or something.

      afterall nascar is basically what f1 has become now.

  2. Can Pirelli improve the tires to between the Bridgestones and the existing.
    The predictable overtaking kills the excitement and most important, the racing.

  3. Ok, 1 thing I noticed without reading a word and pretty much scrolling through this whole article/thread. Why so much attention to one statement? Surely its not worth 4-8 paragraphs in the article and from what i noticed many lengthy conversations. Some would question the fact is “picking” on a new comer and having to crop thefield and bring down the
    ‘tall poppy”? The fact that he is the first to say that it helps AND makes driving too easy (in F1).

  4. ok mabye i should have read the thread.

  5. Seems to me the drivers do really like DRS but I appreciate that they don’t want to be seen as being gifted a position. Taking the battle to the braking zone is ideal and I think the FIA should push for that at every race where possible.

  6. I happen to like it at least there is passing.on that note when you go to the race itself you can watch the backmarkers race rather then just what the show on TV.

  7. I think the fact that has been overlooked so far on this thread is that DRS is a new piece of technology that isnt fully understood yet.
    Turkey showed that it was wrong and I would argue with anyone that the speed differences we saw were fair and just (particularly for Rosberg getting mugged at the end of the straight early on.
    But (and its a big but), it is now known that they need to shorten the DRS zone for Turkey 2012.
    We are just going to see some tracks where its not that effective, monaco for instance, and others like Turkey where its too much, bottom line is its easy to fine tune this aspect.

    as for the tyres who knows, I am not a fan of 4+ pit stops because some genius thought it would be a good idea for the tyres criteria to be that they burn out after 15-20 laps.

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