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Pirelli plan to introduce ‘super hard’ tyre in Spain

2011 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pirelli plan to introduce their new ‘super hard’ development tyre at the Spanish Grand Prix.

But motorsport director Paul Hembery admits they may have to postpone it if the expected wet weather in Istanbul tomorrow prevents them from being able to test the tyres.

“The new compound is a new hard compound. The idea is to add three or four laps to the life of the current hard compound with less degradation.

“We want to, if we can, introduce that in Barcelona but we might have rain on Friday so we won’t have the opportunity to test it, so it might be that we have to go to Barcelona again with these same tyres and try and test there.

“But we’ll certainly see it in Silverstone. If we can test on Friday in Istanbul we’ll see it in Barcelona.”

Pirelli have already announced they will use their hard and soft tyres in Barcelona. However the new development tyre could be re-named as the hard tyre.

Hembery added that with the benefit of hindsight they could have been more aggressive with their tyre choice for the first race of the season:

“Melbourne was a big tension race, the first race, there’d been a lot of talk pre-season about how things would happen or not happen.

“And then we had a fantastic race where I think everyone was very happy.

“If anything we were a little bit too conservative. We could have gone there with the medium instead of the hard compound.

“But I have to say that, overall, that was a great starting point.”

See more from Hembery in the video above.

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