HRT trucks at a wet Istanbul

Wet start to Turkish Grand Prix weekend

2011 Turkish GP weather foecastPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

HRT trucks at a wet Istanbul
HRT trucks at a wet Istanbul

The F1 circus has arrived at a cloudy, cool and damp Istanbul where rain is expected to affect some of this weekend’s F1 sessions.

Friday is very likely to see rain (70-80% chance) but most forecasts agree the chance of precipitation decreases sharply after that.

There are some exceptions – the BBC currently expect “heavy rain” on Sunday.

When F1 first visited Turkey five years ago it did so in the hottest month of the year – August, when maximum temperatures in the Istanbul region are in the high 20s (C).

The race has been moved earlier and earlier and is now scheduled one week after the month which is typically the coolest of the year.

Istanbul is a punishing track for tyres but with temperatures in the low teens on all three days the extreme demands will be lessened.

Location of the Istanbul Park circuit

The Istanbul Park track is east of Istanbul:

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