Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Istanbul, 2011

Schumacher pleased with 2011 rules changes

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In the round-up: Michael Schumacher says the new rules have made F1 “fantastic”.


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Michael Schumacher hails 2011 Formula 1 rule changes (BBC)

“To me there is more justice as the quicker driver should be in front. And it is more spectacular. There is fantastic fighting and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it big time.”

The Horse Whisperer – Spring, the time of allergies (Ferrari)

“The final form this allergy can take – and it almost floored the poor old Whisperer ?ǣ can now be considered a chronic one, as it latches on to which driver might replace [Felipe] Massa at the wheel of the Red car. […] Needless to say, it is just rubbish, the sort that gives you really bad allergies.”

Barrichello: Change at Williams is needed (ITV)

“In my opinion we need to definite a little bit better what is what, and what people do what, because right now the [wind] tunnel is bringing great things on the paper and we are having evolutions every day like a normal team?? but not all the time [do they] translate to the race track. When you put it on the car it is not all the time better, or it?s just a little bit [better] or is not what the tunnel [is] saying.”

Q & A with Eric Boullier on F1’s future (Autosport)

“I think this little war inside the paddock is maybe fun for some journalists and some people, but to be honest for me it’s not because we need to think a little more globally. As F1 we need to realise that the rest of the world has changed, and if you want to be successful as a show and a sport and a competition we need to think a little bit differently.”

Ferrari?s involvement in consortium puts top teams on red alert (The Times, subscription required)

“Red Bull, the world champions, will meet Ferrari and McLaren, probably at the headquarters of Mercedes in Stuttgart. Although the meeting was set up to discuss the terms for a new Concorde Agreement, the financial deal that binds the 12 Formula One teams to Bernie Ecclestone?s CVC Capital Partners, the commercial rights-holder, the concerns of the leading players have changed dramatically in the past 24 hours.”

F1 approach could send Ecclestone veering off track (FT)

“But perhaps the most potent element of the combination is something about which ?ǣ for all his own wealth, experience and force of personality ?ǣ Mr Ecclestone can do absolutely nothing. John Elkann, Exor?s chairman, and James Murdoch, News Corp?s deputy chief operating officer, are both personally backing this project. Their combined age is less than Mr Ecclestone?s 80 years. This adds a flavour of generational shift to the proposal that is perhaps its most powerful asset.”

F1 fans against NewsCorp’s bid to takeover Formula One (Facebook)

Only six members – so far.

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“PR understatement of the day from Red Bull: ‘our drivers had contrasting fortunes here last season with one podium and one DNF.'”

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Vitaly – ready for Istanbul (Renault)

“It is clear Red Bull has had the fastest car so far but you can see from the last race (in China) how McLaren destroyed the others with the tactics. For example, last year we would spend 20 minutes discussing what to do and what strategy to use, this year we spend longer.”

Martin Brundle on Twitter

“I’m happy. Sebastian Vettel came up to say he loves the commentary and offered me Toblerone. I broke two pieces off by mistake. Didn’t offer me any more”

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Craig Scarborough comments on Red Bull Racing’s batteries & KERS situation (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Macahan thinks the changes introduced to F1 with year are no more artificial than what happened in other series:

Every racing series (except short tracks, drag racing or sprint racing) there is tyre management. You want refuelling then you can watch Le Mans, ALMS, Indycar, NASCAR just to mention a few.

Artificial, well look in any series where different manufacturers are allowed GT1, ALMS, Le Mans, Moto GP, AMA Superbikes, NACAR they have one form or another to level the playing field, be it restrictor plates, or additional weight payload.

You think it?s fair when a GT1 team and car mfg is successfully gets an additional 50kg weight put on their car to slow it down?

From the forum

An unusual idea from WelshF1: Is it time to reset the lap records?

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost won the 1984 San Marino Grand Prix for McLaren.

Meanwhile his future rival Ayrton Senna failed to qualify for Toleman. He hadn’t run in the first qualifying session as the team were in dispute with their tyre supplier Pirelli, who had discovered they were planning to switch to rivals Michelin.

Senna made it out in the second session but was delayed by a misfire. It was the only time in his career he failed to qualify for a race:

Image ?? Mercedes