Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Istanbul, 2011

Hamilton rues opening lap move on Webber

2011 Turkish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Istanbul, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Istanbul, 2011

Lewis Hamilton regrets his failed passing attempt on Mark Webber on the first lap which cost him two places.

Speaking after the race he said:

“I really lost quite a lot of ground at the beginning of the race when I tried to go down the outside of Webber. I had such great pace.

“In actual fact, I had too much front wing in the car to start off with. It was one of the reasons you struggle to look after the rear tyres, it’s better to drive a car with more understeer and I had a bit too much front end.

“Obviously I was trying to get past Jenson, I had so much pace at the time, and once I did get past him my tyres were finished, so that forced me into a four-stopper – I don’t even know, how many stops did I do? Five? Four?

“Considering we had a bad pit stop as well, I think we did a pretty good job to get back up to fourth.”

That left him in a fight for position with his team mate:

“At the time I was relatively frustrated that I’d lost position.

“I’d had a good start, I should have really been up to third at the beginning of the race. Then I could have been battling for second in this race, but we came home with fourth in the end.

“But the battle was good, Jenson was fair as always.”

2011 Turkish Grand Prix

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