Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Istanbul, 2011

Vettel: Fourth pit stop not needed

2011 Turkish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Istanbul, 2011
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Istanbul, 2011

Sebastian Vettel said he didn’t need to make a fourth pit stop on his way to victory in Istanbul.

Speaking after the race he said: “It wasn’t easy from the start to know what what was going to happen.

“Of course you have a rough idea about tyres and how long they will last but you really have to wait for the first and maybe second stint to see this is the trend, this is where we’re going.

“In the end I think I could have afforded to stay out on my first set of primes but you have to be in a position for whatever comes. I thought, at that time, I could have made it easily to chequered flag.

“But then, if something happens, if there’s an accident elsewhere and the safety car comes out, then obviously you’re on used tyres so I think it was the right thing to come in another time even though it was just a very short stint after the stop.”

Vettel said the large gap he built up at the start of the race gave the team the luxury of keeping an eye on their rivals’ strategies:

“We had a smooth race, obviously a very good start which was crucial.

“And then I was able to pull a gap in the first stint which was important because then we could afford to stay out a lap longer, wait and see what the others were doing in terms of strategy and then just react.”

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