Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

“Another step forward” for recovering Kubica

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In the round-up: Renault team principal Eric Boullier visits Robert Kubica.


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Eric Boullier visits Robert (Renault)

“Robert has made another step forward in his rehabilitation process and doctors are pleasantly surprised by the way in which his condition is improving. Now, it is a matter of time and even if patience isn?t Robert?s first quality, he is fully aware that rehabilitation could be quite a long process.”

David Coulthard: Few smiles per hour for uncompetitive Michael Schumacher (The Telegraph)

“I found his drive on Sunday awkward to watch at times. The collision with Vitaly Petrov’s Renault on the second lap, which left him fighting a rearguard action for the rest of the race, was by his own admission his fault. He spent the rest of the race in skirmishes with mid-ranking cars; often the attacked rather than the attacker.”

Schumacher left behind by young drivers (The National)

Johnny Herbert: “I do not think he is any slower than he was when he was winning seven world titles; he is just struggling to cope with a situation he is not used to – he is no longer the best guy in the field and he does not have the best machinery at his disposal, as well as the fact that he has a team mate in [Nico] Rosberg who is consistently beating him.”

Schumacher has full Mercedes support (Autosport)

Norbert Haug: “An analysis of Michael’s lap times from practice and the race in Istanbul shows that he had good pace. Without the contact on lap two, and the time he subsequently lost having the front wing changed, he was quick enough to finish in sixth or seventh position.”

??D?Ambrosio?s Virgin seat under threat? (GP Update)

Jerome d’Ambrosio is under threat of losing his place at Marussia Virgin Racing, according to Belgian newspaper Nieuwsblad. It is being reported that several sponsors of the driver are not submitting relevant payments to the Sheffield-based team, prompting a trip to Belgium for Gravity Sport Management CEO Eric Boullier.”

Martin Brundle on the Turkish Grand Prix (BBC)

“I’m struggling with the concept a little in terms of racing purity, but then [David Coulthard] pokes me in the ribs and reminds me of the turbo over-boost button I enjoyed in the cockpits of my cars in the 1980s. I’m thoroughly enjoying the racing. We asked for more overtaking, and finally we have it. However, I still believe each driver should be allowed a finite number of DRS activations per race so that there is more of a tactical and skill element involved.”

Angry Jenson Button lets rip at his F1 critics (Daily Mirror)

“What?s the point in saying, ??It?s slipped away?? We might as well ******* go home as say that. I mean, Jesus Christ guys, let?s not make it too negative.”

Max Mosley loses European privacy case (The Guardian)

“The court said on Tuesday that the actions of the News of the World were ‘open to severe criticism’ for publishing not only a print story, but also photographs and video footage obtained through covert recording, ‘which appears to have been included in the News of the World’s coverage merely to titillate the public and increase the embarrassment of the applicant’.”

Formula One?s Renault visits Imperial War Museum Duxford for test day

“Imperial War Museum Duxford is able to confirm that Renault will be visiting the Museum to conduct aero testing on Friday 13 May 2011.”

Adrian Sutil: ??You had to really attack and defend?? (Force India)

“[The Circuit de Catalunya is] a nice circuit, but I?ve driven there so many times, it gets a little bit boring!”

Board notice May 2011 (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)

“After due deliberation, the Board, found the charge against Dr [Pat] Symonds of improper conduct pursuant to By-law 33 and the Code of Conduct Regulations proven.”

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Comment of the day

Reflections on the death of Giro d’Italia cyclist Wouter Weylandt and how it relates to F1 from The Dutch Bear:

I?m, besides a F1 Fanatic, also an avid watcher of cycling. Last year I decided when I was at school to be ??ill? and went off on my bike to see the third stage of the Giro d?Italia that passed on the island where I live in the south-west of the Netherlands. That stage finished in Middelburg and was eventually won by the same Wouter Weylandt that died yesterday.

I?ve heard that the Italian TV was criticised after the fatal accident of Ayrton Senna that the camera?s got too close. (I was less than a year old at the time, my eighteenth birthday is May 31.) I have to criticise the RAI (Italy?s public television) as well now. I was watching the Giro d?Italia together with my mother on Belgian television yesterday. Soon after the crash a camera was there that zoomed in on Weylandt for a couple of seconds. Those couple of seconds I will never forget. Weylandt lay motionless on the tarmac and was bleeding heavily through his nose. It looked extremely bad and gruesome. I have never seen a fatal accident live as it happened and hope that I will never see a fatal accident again. I know that in every sport people take risks and can suffer from the consequences when what they do goes wrong. But I think that if safety can be improved in a sport it should be improved. This applies for Formula One as well for all the other sports.
The Dutch Bear

From the forum

Are HRT ever going to get some sponsorship, asks Australian.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to 130r!

On this day in F1

On this day 25 years Alain Prost won the Monaco Grand Prix.

It’s was a one-two for McLaren as Keke Rosberg finished second ahead of Ayrton Senna.