Adrian Sutil, Force India, Shanghai, 2011

Sutil involved in “brawl” in Chinese nightclub

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In the round-up: Sutil involved in a brawl in Shanghai.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Lewis Hamilton escorted from Chinese nightclub brawl (The Times, subscription required)

Lewis Hamilton had to be escorted from a nightclub after a brawl involving Adrian Sutil, the Force India driver, and a senior official of the Lotus Renault team. ”

Renault F1 2011 rare video (YouTube)

More footage showing the Renault’s side exhausts at work in the rain:

Texas Taxpayers Finance Formula One Auto Races as Schools Dismiss Teachers (Bloomberg)

“Comptroller Susan Combs has agreed to pay $25 million for races through 2022, a subsidy questioned by critics and lawmakers as the state cuts costs to close an estimated $15 billion two-year deficit.”

F1 diary: Turkish Grand Prix (Daily Telegraph)

“Sunday mornings still pass in a blur?? and it’s impossible not to be distracted by a volley of support races: GP2, in particular, is relentlessly entertaining. The cars are a handful of seconds shy of their grand prix counterparts but cost about 1/25th as much to run. F1 has made serious savings in recent years, but there must be scope for further reductions”

Renault seeks to expand engine supply (Autosport)

“The goal is to have more teams next year. We want to have four teams but we need to have the approval from the FIA, because the limit is only three.”

Virgin on Twitter

“We are running a straight-line aero test at Idiada this weekend. Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, one of the Marussia Manor GP3 drivers will be driving.”

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We must keep going down this road (Ferrari)

“On Sunday morning in Istanbul there was a serious accident in the GP2 race, which involved our driver, Davide Rigon. I?m very sorry for him as he will have to stop racing for a while. We hope that he recovers soon ?ǣ and I say that also for selfish reasons because he was doing precious work for us in the simulator.”

Turkish Delight ?ǣ LRGP surprises Adrian Newey (Renault)

Jean Alesi: “I was watching the post race coverage on RAI (Italian TV and F1 host broadcaster), they had an exclusive interview with Red Bull Racing?s Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and they asked him what had surprised him most this season and he said Lotus Renault GP and the clever exhaust system. Newey is widely regarded to be at the top of his game and to have him say this about the R31 is just fantastic!”

United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety launched to save five million lives (McLaren)

“Prime Minister David Cameron joins Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in calling for urgent action as road deaths set to become a bigger killer than HIV/AIDs.”

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Comment of the day

Ben N is a frustrated Michael Schumacher fan:

I have my fingers crossed for him literally every qualifying, every race and even practice sessions. I feature him in my predictions for various competitions more through hope than real judgement and I am completely devastated to see such a true legend fall from grace so publicly and, dare I say it, in a slightly humiliating way.

He has done nothing in that Mercedes car that, say, Heidfeld or Glock couldn?t have done and at times he has looked desperate. His moves against Barrichello in Hungary and Massa in Canada last year and now this on Petrov show that he does not know when to give up. Obviously his moves on Hill and Villeneuve were similarly unsporting, but also understandable. I think Michael needs to realise the difference between fighting tooth and nail for a drivers’ championship and fighting tooth and nail for 12th or 13th place in a mid-season Grand Prix.

This may seem harsh but I assure you I am a huge fan of his ?ǣ it just pains me to see him so far down the order. I hope he can pick up the pace and salvage some of his comeback with a podium or even a top three grid position!
Ben N

From the forum

Looking ahead to the Le Mans 24 Hours.

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On this day in F1

Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix for McLaren 20 years ago today.

It was his fourth consecutive win at the start of the 1991 season. Despite his dominant start to the year, Nigel Mansell reeled him in during the middle part of the season to set up a closely-fought battle for the championship.

A worthwhile reminder for anyone who thinks Sebastian Vettel has already got this year’s title won.