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Major media figures consider News Corp F1 bid

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In the round-up: Major figures in media business consider joining News Corp’s bid for F1.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Media Moguls Join F1 Consortium (Sky News)

“Raine, a merchant bank headquartered in New York, has been holding detailed discussions about committing part of its $500m fund to an Exor-News Corp offer for F1.”

Todt abandons F1 commissioner plans (Autosport)

“In this case, [F1] I feel it would be double to have a commissioner and a very strong president of the commission [Ecclestone]. So that is why I gave up this idea of having an [F1] commissioner.”

Why I am finding F1 less gripping in 2011 (Doctorvee)

“I thought the Chinese Grand Prix was okay. But the reaction of others left me perplexed. All kinds of platitudes were bandied about. ‘The best dry race in decades!’ ‘The best since Japan 2005!’ Really? I wasn?t feeling that at all.”

Formula 1 Driver Heikki Kovalainen Reacts for Safe Hospitals in Disaster Sensitive South East Asia (BusinessWire)

“I feel that this is a meaningful and effective way to help ensure hospitals and health facilities continue to treat and support people in all kinds of emergencies. I?m honoured to launch the challenge and help in raising awareness of safe hospitals in South-East Asia.”

Images from Istanbul (ESPN)

“There were some great signs and posters in the grandstands over the weekend such as ‘I love you’, ‘Marry me’ and ‘Come, come, my blonde, come’ – although I couldn’t tell you what that last one means. And obviously there was the one that says ‘Bernie, please don’t take away our Turkish GP’ which was particularly relevant.”

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Comment of the day

Bernie Ecclestone would hate this idea from Filipe De Sousa – but I like it!

This would be great for cross-promotion of motor racing. F1 is usually too expensive for people to attend, but always has massive numbers (well, Turkey being an exception, although it wasn?t exactly empty), while other racing series have cheaper tickets, multiple events a day but aren?t quite so popular.

Having a non-championship event sharing the same weekend as other racing series would increase attendance and visibility for that series and I doubt people would mind paying a little extra to watch that series and an F1 event on the same day (I know I wouldn?t mind whatsoever).
Filipe De Sousa

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On this day in F1

David Coulthard led home the Ferraris to win in Austria ten years ago today.

The race got off to a strange start as four cars failed to get away. Leader Juan Pablo Montoya went off while under pressure from Michael Schuacher, taking the Ferrari driver off with him, and allowing Coulthard in to grab victory.

Ferrari ordered Rubens Barrichello to let Schumacher through for second on the last lap – much as they would again 12 months later.