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Red Bull deny breaking testing rules

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull say they did not break testing rules when Neel Jani drove the RB7 in Spain on Sunday.

The Swiss driver told his Twitter followers the test took place at “a track outside Barcelona” believed to be the Idiada facility where Virgin recently tested with GP3 driver Adrian Quaife-Hobbes.

Jani added the test included “straight line and high speed cornering”. The sporting regulations limit teams to a maximum of four one-day aerodynamic tests carried out on FIA-approved straight-line or constant-radius sites.

A Red Bull spokesperson said the test was within FIA rules, saying:

“We did not complete high speed cornering and tested within the permitted regulations – which is an aero test carried out on FIA approved straight line or constant radius sites.”

Red Bull added that Jani’s Twitter account had been updated for him by a third party.

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